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UniBall Vision Needle Micro Review


Woody shows off the Uniball Vision Needle Micro that was so kindly given to me by the friendly folks at Uni-Ball for a review.

The Uni-Ball Vision Needle Micro (via Amazon) in this review was given to me by Uni-Ball themselves, specifically by Steve aka Uniball_USA on Twitter who also provided some great feedback for this review on a Uni-Ball Jetstream.  This is just another example of what I was talking about in this post when I said that Twitter was a great way to keep connected to the world of office supplies.  The folks there are a great resource for all kinds of information, and  I suggest you check it out if you have not already done so, and also think about following the users in that post I pointed out back there.


When I first tried out the Uni-Ball Vision Needle Micro, I was a little nervous because in the first 3 or 4 seconds of writing I got a strange feeling, almost as if there was a grain of sand in the tip.  It kind of scratched and didnt start writing as I was used to with every other UniBall pen, fortunately that stopped pretty quickly and the pen has not skipped a beat since then.  I’ve tried the pen on my Doane Paper and on my Levenger paper, and it really writes very nicely on both. The writing sample in this review shows the Doane Paper.

I did have some concern in thinking that a pen with “Needle Micro” in the name might be too fine and delicate for every day use, but this pen proved me wrong, as I felt no hesitation in writing in my normal writing style.


The Uni-Ball Vision Needle in Action.

You can see in this picture here the cap is a little different, it has a transparent blue insert towards the top of the clip in the center of it.  It almost has kind of a jeweled look to it, but in a nice non tacky way.  The body of the pen also feels a bit more narrow than most pens, but still a comfortable size for writing with.

The one thing on the Uni-Ball Vision Needle Micro that I wish was different is the grip area, and the fact that the grip area actually lacks any kind of grip or traction to it.  After writing for a bit with it, you do notice yourself (at least my sweaty fingers did) gripping a bit harder on the smooth plastic surface to make sure you have a good hold of the pen.

Other than my specific issue with the grip, I think this is a very nice pen that will write well for you and probably hold up for some time too, as it seems to have the same quality construction of all the other Uni-Ball pens I’ve used.  A big thanks goes to Steve at Uni-Ball for sharing this pen with me, and it will be included as an option in our next give away.  Grab one for yourself here if you are so inclined, you won’t regret it.

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