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Uni Dermatograph OilBased Pencil Review


Uni Dermatograph Oil-Based Pencil

I was pretty excited when I saw these Uni Dermatograph Oil Based Pencils the other day over on the Jetpens website.  I remember having a few of these when I was a kid (not the Uni versions) and I just remember enjoying peeling them more than using them…probably a waste but it was still fun and brought back good memories to see these.


Uni Dermatograph Oil-Based Pencil Peeling

The general principal with grease pencils or oil based pencils is that they have a paper coating that wraps around them which you peel off with the help of a string that runs the length of the pencil.  As you unravel the paper from the pencil, it exposes the oil based and waxy “lead” within the body of the pencil.  The sting that runs down the length of the body serves as a way to expose an edge of the paper wrapping that you can peel away to expose more of the tip.


Uni Dermatograph Oil-Based Pencil on Pint Glass

The main use for an oil based pencil is to be able to write on smooth non-porous surfaces like glass, plastic, and metal.  The benefit is that the oil based or grease pencil is also easily removed from whatever surface you write on with it.  In my example above I used a pint glass (don’t worry, none of that beer went to waste, it was all deliciously consumed)  to show the writing sample for this pencil.  The Uni Dermatograph Oil Based Pencil writes very smoothly and the paper peels away very easily, and one thing about it that is both positive and negative is that it does also erase or rub off very easily too, so you will ant to be careful with where you write and how you handle the item that was written on.  In my example with the pint glass above, because of the condensation on the glass, the writing did come off rather easily.  With that said, this pencil is for a very unique and specific use, so if you need to write on glass, metal, plastic or any other smooth surface, the Uni Dermatograph Oil Based Pencils is a great option to use, so check one out over at Jetpens if you are in the market for this type of item.

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