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Uni Kuru Toga Rubber Grip


Because I find the need to review every single Uni Kuru Toga available (including the Hello Kitty version) I thought I’d give this variant with a rubber grip a try, although I’m running out of things to say about them other than that I love them.  I do have to say I was not really paying attention and didn’t realize it had no clip when I picked it up here from our sponsor JetPens.


The Uni Kuru Toga Rubber Grip is functionally the same as the rest of the Kuru Toga line, but on the outside there are a few differences.  The first thing I noticed (besides the lack of the clip) was that the clear band where you can see the actual Kuru Toga engine is in the center of the pencil rather than at the tip.  The lack of clip also draws your attention to the curious circular nub at the top of the pencil, more on that in a minute.

Here is a quick look at the Kuru Toga engine that is located at the top of the grip, rather than at the bottom of the grip as it is with most of the Kuru Toga pencils. I was curious if having it located higher on the pencil would impact the ease of which it turned as pressure was exerted in the writing motion but that doesn’t seem to be the case.


The top of the Uni Kuru Toga with Rubber Grip is a bit of a miss in my opinion.  The slightly conical cap / plunger serves the purpose of hiding the eraser and the port where you reload your lead.  The issue here is that the shape and small size of this part makes it a bit difficult and awkward to get a good enough grip to remove it.

I generally like to have clips on my writing implements, however the circular Kuru Toga medallion serves at least half the purpose that a clip does in that it keeps the pencil from rolling off your desk, it doesn’t however um…well you know, clip on anything.


The key feature of this version of the Kuru Toga is the grip if you havn’t picked up on that already.  The slightly soft rubber grip has four slight indentations that give you a place to nestle your thumb or forefinger into for a comfortable grip.  Like I said, I really don’t have much to add in terms of how great these pencils are, but you can check out the original review here that takes a closer look at all the functionality.  Otherwise if you are looking for a great mechanical pencil head on over to JetPens where this can be had in various colors.

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