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Uni Promark View Highlighter with See Through Tip


Uni Promark View Highlighter Capped

The Uni Promark View Highlighter was a new item listed over at Jetpens that almost escaped my attention, but I’m glad I ended up taking a closer look at it when browsing their site.  This highlighter is the first one I’ve ever seen that has a little window (7mm x 7mm) built into the tip that lets you see right through it to the text that you are highlighting.


Uni Promark View Highlighter Window

This is one of those concepts that seems pretty obvious, yet its the first time I’ve seen it actually implemented on a highlighter, not surprising that the creative minds at Uni came up with this though.  Initially I was a little bit skeptical at the actual need for this, but I forgot that its been a while since I regularly used a highlighter, so I wanted to give it a fair chance.


Uni Promark View Highlighter in Use

Once the Uni Promark View Highlighter was put into use, I was impressed at how much easier and more convenient it was to have a little window in your highlighter tip.  The two main things it does it let you be sure of where exactly you want to start off with your highlighting, but it also does a good job in helping you to make sure that you are laying down a pretty straight line, which is something I’ve always struggled with.  Technically though, its not the window that helps you keep the line straight, its the very thin orange line that is visible through the window that does the trick.  Using that little orange line as a guide is a huge help.  I just did my best to keep that centered in the line of text and it kept the actual highlighted line about as straight as I’m going to be able to pull off without a ruler.


Uni Promark view Highlighter See Through Tip

Above is a little better view of that thin straight line in the highlighter tip that helped to keep me highlighting with a straight line.  Obviously that line actually serves a dual purpose as it is the feed that allows the ink to come from the main storage compartment in the body of the highlighter, into the felt chisel shaped tip that you highlight with.


Uni Promark view Highlighter Cap Posted

The highlighting sample that you see in the photos here was actually the last page of a tax form (thats right, its almost April 15th, so get on that if you haven’t already) that was printed on my Epson Artisan Inkjet Printer, so obviously this highlighter handles Inkjet ink well without smearing it.  You will notice that the cap on this highlighter posts nicely as well, or you can just leave it off, and because of the shape of the highlighter and the cap itself, there are no worries about it possibly rolling away.  The Uni Promark View Highlighter is definitely a unique and highly functional highlighter, so I’d wholeheartedly recommend this as your next highlighter.

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