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Uniball .3mm HiDensity Pencil Lead Review


Uniball .3mm Hi-Density Pencil Lead Container

I often rave about my Uniball Kuru Toga (see that link for an example of the innovative way it works, but it is a .5mm not a .3mm version of the pencil) and how its the only pencil I’ll ever write with, AND that it actually took me out of my 20+ year pencil writing hiatus.  The only thing that makes the Kuru Toga even better though is some good lead, and this Uniball .3mm Hi-Density Lead is just that.


Uniball .3mm Hi-Density Pencil Lead Writing Sample

This lead is from Uniballs Hi-Density series resist breakage and leave a nice dark line.  I’ve been using this lead in my daily planner for about a week now and the performance has been nothing short of awesome.  Unlike some other lead, there are non of those little snags or imperfections that you sometimes feel with other lead.  Additionally as you can see from the writing sample, there is a good deal of shading that can be done with this lead.  Writing very lightly is not usually an issue, but with a lead this thin, I was impressed at how much pressure I could put on it before it snapped.  Besides the variety in shading you can also see that within the shading patch I was able to completely erase the lead, which took a few extra passes but nothing excessive.  This might be more of a testament to the eraser than the lead though, but it was the standard eraser that came with the Kuru Toga, so its not like it was anything fancy.  Kind of a short review here today, but this Uniball .3mm Hi-Density Lead just does its job, and does it well, and will definitely be my .3mm lead of choice going forward because it makes my Kuru Toga even more of a favorite to use now.

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