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Uniball Insight Rollerball Pen Review


Uniball Insight Grips

The Uniball Insight Rollerball is a new pen from Uniball that I just stumbled across so although I didn’t expect much in the way of innovation, I’m always a sucker for buying new pens to play with.


Uniball Insight Package

These rollerball pens from Uniball have the same insidess that you would find in other previous models of pens from Uniball.  They just have an updated body design from what I can tell.  The ink is contained in a removable capsule that also is permanently connected to the grip and tip.  The grips on these are clear and smooth, unlike some other Uniball pens (like the Vision Elite) that has a a clear plastic grip, but that also has a slightly raised pattern to give the grip a bit of traction between your fingers.  Personally I don’t understand why all of the Uniball grips don’t have the raised texture.


Uniball Insight Bodies

The bodies are pretty basic looking black (other colors are available) with a fade into a cloudy milk white shade.  The caps are plastic, as well as the clips, and they post pretty nicely on the back of the pen.  They don’t snap on when they are posted, but they do slide down far enough on the barrel of the pen so you know that it is secure.  I think my favorite part of the pen has more to do with the marketing behind it, in the name that they chose for the window that lets you see the ink level.  That little window is cleverly called “the Ink-o-meter” so thats pretty self explanatory.


The Uniball Insight Rollerball .7mm Writing Sample in Black n Red Notebook

Writing with the Uniball Insight Rollerball was just as silky smooth and flawless as one would expect with any of Uniballs offering in this type of pen.  I don’t think this is a pen that was designed to wow anyone, but it is definitely a pen that has the feel of an every day workhorse that you will never have to give a second thought to.  It contains the uni Super Ink that is known for its ability to help thwart check and document fraud due to it being very hard to remove or manipulate using most modern methods used by forgers.

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