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Uniball Jetstream Alpha Gel Grip


Uniball Jetstream Alpha Gel with a black brushed metal body.

Recently when @dowdyism over at The Pen Addict posted this, it reminded me that I had never done a pen review on one of my pens that I have a love/hate relationship with.  Now I know I’ve reviewed 2 other Uniball Jetstream pens, but although the ink cartridge and delivery system on this pen is the same as the others I reviewed, the body of this pen is much different.


The Uniball Jetstream doing its balancing act.

My favorite thing about the Uniball Jetstream line of pens is how smoothly they write and how solid and vibrant the lines are when you use them.  The Alpha Gel Grip version of the Jetstream is no different when it comes to how well it writes, butit has some drawbacks that Im trying to get used to.  The photo above shows the pen in Woody’s hand, and although the angle isnt perfect you will have to take my word for it when I tell you that it is balanced there with no trick photography or aids of any sort.  This leads me to one of the things that is a little awkward about this pen that I am still getting used to, which is that it is very bottom heavy because of the thickness and make up of the grip section.  For the most part, when you write with it, the heavier bottom isnt that big of a deal, but I tend to fiddle with my pens when Im not writing with them, like if Im on a phone call in a meeting, or talking to someone at my desk, and this pen just doesnt work so well for that because its not comfortable to hang onto and fiddle with.

The second thing about this pen that Im not sure if I can get used to also deals with the grip.  The gel material that covers the grip section is pretty much a magnet for any tiny particle off dust or filth that it might come into contact with.  You might not notice much filth in the two photographs but that is because I used some water to wipe it clean before taking the pictures, but the act of just placing the pen down on a desk or table top causes some instant build up of dirt on it, the same thing will also happen sometimes if it comes in contact with your shirt or a pocket.

Lastly, another small design flaw with this pen is that it is a roller…no, not a roller ball, but a roller.  The thick grip of the pen protrudes further from the body than the clip itself does, and that combined with the pen being bottom heavy doesnt allow the clip to come in direct contact with your table or desk when you place it down, and the pen will roll away from you.

Now I feel bad kind of trashing this pen because I really do want to like it, and I LOVE how the Uniball Jetstream line writes, but these minor annoyances do take away from one of the things that I love about this version of the pen.  The biggest reason I bought this besides it being a Jetstream is that I love the all black and mostly brushed metal look of the pen.  It just looks like a cool pen, and it feels like a really cool pen when you get it in your hands, I just wish that Uniball would consider some slight redesigns to address these issues (because hey, shouldnt all companies cater to my every whim? 🙂 )and still keep the awesome look.

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