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Uniball Jetstream Color Series Orange


Finally the Uniball Jetstream is Available in Other Colors

I was excited when I saw that JetPens (links to all the colors) had some new versions of what I believe are the best ballpoint pens you can get, the Uniball Jetstream.  Being that I’m a pretty big fan of many things orange, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to pick up an orange ballpoint pen.  Standard disclaimer here…no discount from JetPens, this pen was purchased by yours truly.


The full body of the Uniball Jetstream Color Series in Orange

Before I get into the writing characteristics of this pen, I think there are a few things to note about the physical design of the pen.  First off, the clip is one of my favorite style/design aspects of this pen.  The crescent shape of the clip makes it much easier to clip this pen onto a notebook that has a coil or spiral binding because unlike clips that lay flat and close to the pen, it leaves space for the coils


The “unique” grip on the Uniball Jetstream Color Series

Now the second design element of the Uniball Jetstream Color Series that I am not fond of is the grip.  And when I say “not fond of” I actually mean I hate it, and that is not a word that I ever would have expected to use in reviewing any Uniball Jetstream pen.  It honestly seems like the barrel/grip on this pen was an afterthought.  It is an off-white on white design with small squares that are repeated over the surface.  Visually, I can’t imagine that anyone finds that particularly appealing when compared to the other awesome designs that have been implemented with the Jetstream in the past.  To me this pen looks like something of a relic that would be found sitting in the kitchen of The Brady Bunch set.

Now don’t get me wrong, the pen works just fine, the grip is functional, but far from ideal.  But in addition to visual of the grip, even when you are just opening the pen up to get a better look at the refill inside the pen, you get that cheap sounding plastic on plastic squeaking noise as you twist it open.


Uniball Jetstream Color Series – Orange Writing Sample

With all of my complaining about the grip and the visual of the pen, I can honestly say that it writes just as nice as any other pen in the Jetstream series.  The lines are very solid, very consistent, and the color is very vivid.  The writing sample above which was done in my Black n’ Red Notebook shows how nicely this pen writes, so click on the scan there for a better look at how nicely the Uniball Jetstream Color Series writes.  My only wish here is that I could swap the orange refill with the body of some of my other Jetstream pens, but unfortunately it has not been a match with any of the ones I tried it with.  If you can get past the visual of this pen, I highly recommend picking one up, however as you can probably tell from reading my childish complaining, I can’t get past the visual.

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