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Uniball Jetstream Premier 1mm Review


The Uniball Jetstream Premier 1mm in its package

Eventually you might get tired of coming to this site looking for cool office supplies only to find yet another review of a slightly different Uniball Jetstream, but I assure you that I think this may be one of the last Jetstream reviews for a while.  Not because I don’t like them anymore, but just because I think I’ve covered the majority of the Jetstream line.  I picked up this Uniball Jestream Premier from Amazon recently for this review.


Front view of the Uniball Jetstream Premier with its unique clip and black cushy grip

Typically I prefer to use pens that are somewhere between a .25mm and .5mm tip, or I will use a fountain pen that is either a fine or extra fine nib, so when I saw that this Uniball Jetstream Premier was a 1mm tip, I was a bit reluctant to try it out, but since I already knew how these pens wrote in smaller tip sizes, I figured I would give this one a chance.  Quite honestly, the thing that grabbed my attention about this pen before I even noticed the 1mm tip size was the grip.  In a previous review of a Jetstream pen I remarked on how the Jetstream Alpha Gel Grip seemed to be a huge magnet for dirt and filth, and it lessened the writing experience for me having to always dust off the grip.  I could tell just from looking at the grip on the Premier, that it shouldnt have that same lint magnet characteristic to it, so I grabbed it off the shelf in hopes of finding another winner in the Jetstream line from Uniball.


Uniball Jetstream Premier 1mm Writing Sample on Clairefontaine 90g paper

I think in my previous Jetstream reviews I rambled on enough about how nice they write and how smooth and bold the line of ink is, so Ill skip over all of that this time.  For the most part, even though this is a 1mm tip that is much wider than I prefer, I do still enjoy writing with it.  On some occasions I think its probably nicer to write with a bolder tip, like signing or writing a short note to someone.  I also know that if I want to I can probably just order a refill cartridge from Jetpens and make this a .5 with hardly any effort at all, so again, the writing experience from the Jetstream cartridges is a clear winner in my mind.


Side view of the Uniball Jetstream Premier

As for the rest of this pen, I really like everything about it.  The clip has a unique design in that it moves up and down with the plunger when you press  down which is kind of cool.  The wide body gives you a nice big area to hold onto while writing.  Now the grip on this pen is where I was really focused when I first saw it.  To my delight I was correct, it was absolutely not a magnet for any dirt or filth. Having used the pen for a few days now, I have been able to lay it on any desk or table, shove it in any bag or even in a pocket and not have one bit of extra filth appear when I retrieved it from said locations.  The grip is not quite as cushy as the AlphaGel Jetstream, but I guess that the tradeoff here  is with how much you can live with in terms of squishy grip vs. lint.  For me, lint free is the much better option, but  I know that some people really prefer those other squishy grips, so it really comes down to a matter of personal preference.  If this one strikes your fancy grab one for yourself here Uniball Jestream Premier from Amazon.

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