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Uniball Jetstream RT 1mm Retractable Roller Ball Review


Uniball Jetstream RT Bold

I was doing some office supply shopping recently and I came across the Uniball Jetstream RT in a Bold 1.0 mm on my travels.  Although I don’t typically like a point that big, I thought it would be fun to try out a pen that is literally twice as big as the .5mm tips that I usually like to use.


Uniball Jetstream RT Bold Body

Before I even get into the writing experience with the Uniball Jetstream RT 1.0mm, it is worth discussing the body of the pen.  It has a unique smooth rubber grip that actually extends the entire length of the barrel.  The bottom of the barrel also has a series of dimples for a bit of added grip on this thicker than normal barrel.  The rest of the pen has nice chrome accents (none of which are actual metal though) that really stand out nicely against the flat black surface of the pen.


Uniball Jetstream RT 1.omm Bold Writing Sample and Comparison to .7mm

Uniball Jetstream RT 1.0mm Summary.

I know I’ve done a ton of Jetstream reviews here, but it’s just because they are really nice to write with, and this 1.0mm version is no exception.  With the wider tip, the writing experience only gets better, the super smooth and consistent lines lay down the reliable ink that I’ve come to expect from the Jetstream line from Uniball.  In the above writing sample I also did a side by side comparison to the Jetstream .7mm just to let you see the difference between the line sizes.  Below that you can see that there is a drying time test in which the Jetstream ink dries in about 2 seconds on the paper in my Black n Red notebook.  Overall I like the larger grip and body on this pen, along with the nice texture of the grip and body, and you can’t beat the impressive Uniball Jetstream smooth and consistent writing experience.

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