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Uniball Jetstream3 3 Color Ballpoint Multi Pen 0.5 mm


The Uni-ball Jetstream3 3 Color Ballpoint .5mm Multi Pen

Every time I think I’ve reviewed my last Uniball Jetstream, I find myself buying a new one and writing about it.  I’ve owned the .7mm version of the Jetstream3 multi-pen, but the other day when placing my last JetPens order, I browsed around a bit and found Uni-ball Jetstream3 .5mm Multi Pen, which I had yet to try.  We will keep this short for some mid-week light reading today, and as not to get too gushy with all the Jetstream love. 🙂


Jetstream3 3 Color Ballpoint .5mm Multi Pen Grip

Being a huge fan of the Jetstream line of pens, I feel as though I’ve probably said all I could ever say about the quality, smoothness, and bold color lines that these pens put down, so my apologies for repeating myself on these qualities.  One thing that stands out about the 3 color (red, black, and blue of course) is the grip.  The grip has very subtle but sleek looking and angled lines that very much remind me of tire tracks or the vents that you might see on the side of a fighter jet or exotic car.  Mix the sleek looking grip (click on the photo above for a closer look) with the nearly all black body of this pen, and you get to me what is a very sporty looking pen that doesn’t feel like it is trying too hard to look cool and flashy.
It is also fantastic to be able to get a ballpoint pen that is a .5mm as compared to many of the other “fine” and .7mm ballpoints that seem to flood the shelves at most stores.  Granted, this pen came from JetPens, so its not like you can walk into your local Staples and pick one up, but it is nice to have the option.  This will be one of those pens that will be a staple in my pencil case so I have it with me at all times.

The Jetstream line really makes me wonder why people don’t flock to these pens more, and how pens like the Pilot G2 have such a hardcore following as I’ve addressed before.  I know that they are different types of pens (ballpoint vs. gel ink) but the performance from the Jetstream just seems to be far superior in any testing I’ve ever done.

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