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Uniball Pens Action Figure


Uni-Super-Ink Robot!

So Uniball has a new ad campaign and they are using this really cool looking robot (They appear to be calling him “Uni-Super-Ink Robot) in some of the spots and also on their website. I am taking it up as my official duty to start a petition for Uniball to make and sell a “Uni-Super-Ink Robot” Action Figure. 🙂 You can see him in the video below.

If you are honestly interested in Uniball making an action figure of this (ie. you are a huge office supply geek like myself) then just vote over there to the right in the “Polls” section and lets see if we can get Uniball to cave in and decide to actually make them. I’ve already asked one person from Uniball when we could buy one and the response was “soon I hope” so all I ask is that you do 2 things:

1. Vote in the poll over there. —–>
2. Use the “share this” link below to share this post on any of the major social networks, but I have already submitted to digg, and reddit, so you can just click on those links to make it a little easier.

It probably also would not hurt to leave a comment on this post to show even more support.

I will be making the Uniball person aware of this post, so do your best to show your support for Uniball and Uni-Super-Ink Robot by voting and sharing with others who would be interested.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a mascot for all of us that love cool office supplies?

**for the record I have absolutely no affiliation with Uniball and am doing this on my own with no support, direction, or request from them.

Also, later this week I will be posting a new review of a Uniball pen, so I hope to see you back.

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