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Uniball Power Tank Ballpoint Pen Review


Uniball Power Tank Pen for Harsh Conditions

I don’t plan on making all of my review multiple parts, however I do have an experiment in mind that I want to try with this Uniball Power Tank, so I think it requires a multi-part approach.

The Uni-ball Power Tank is designed to function in difficult situations such as wet surfaces, cold temperatures, and upside down. Jetpens.com offers this pen for $3.00 in multiple body colors (red, white, blue, light blue, and pink and they also offer red, blue, and black refills.

When I first saw and read about the Uniball Power Tank, I thought it would be great for keeping in my car for the few occasions where I found myself needing to jot something down in pretty cold conditions. I can be kind of anal about writing down the mileage info when I fill up on gas so I can properly track the mpg I get on a tank of gas. In the winter months this can be difficult if the pen is laying untouched for a long time, if the temperature is really cold, or if I need to write on a wet gas receipt.

Visually, I like the design of this pen, and the option to have different colors is also nice. It has a solid feel to it when writing, and it also has a comfortable and very effective grip to keep the pen firm in your hand. Although I usually prefer not to use a ballpoint pen, the writing experience has been fine with this pen, it has been pretty smooth and I have not seen any clumping or skipping.

The below image is a sample of how the pen writes under normal conditions…by normal I mean room temperature, upright, and dry, so basically the opposite of the other specifications that I listed before as being “difficult.”


Uniball Power Tank sample under normal conditions.

I am going to leave the review at that for now, and during the course of this weekend I plan on carrying out a few experiments that I will document to test the ability of this pen to perform under some of the conditions discussed in this post. Check back soon for the write up and pictures of my results.

Click here for part 2 of the review!

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