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Uniball Power Tank Ballpoint Pen

Well, I’ve got my experiment for part 2 set up, so I thought Id post a quick update with some pictures too.  We have a Uniball Power Tank frozen for this review to see how it handles extreme conditions.

As I had mentioned previously, I mostly use the Uniball Power Tank to track my gas mileage, so I am often writing on gas receipts leaning against my steering wheel or some other non flat surface that requires the pen to be on an angle. In addition to regular pens not working so well when writing on an angle, I also end up having trouble with regular pens during the winter as the pen sits in the car over night in the freezing cold. Before I got the Uniball Power Tank, I would end up having to scribble frantically or I would need to shake the pen really hard just to get some ink out of it. The Power Tank pen really seems to hold up well to the cold weather, and also to writing in a non upright position. The following picture shows exactly what it looks like when writing with it in different conditions.


Freezing Weather Writing Sample – Uniball Power Tank

As you can see, it wrote fine in both upside down, and right side up positions while at a temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The only noticeable difference that I see is that in the “normal conditions” photo, the pen wrote slightly darker. For now I can confidently say that the Uniball Power Tank seems to be perfect for my needs, I have yet to pick it up and not have a smooth line of ink immediately flow to the desired writing surface, but who knows if that will change once I conduct my experiment…here is a picture to give you an idea of what to expect.


Pens and Test Tubes before being put in the freezer…writing samples soon to follow.

If you cant tell from the picture, from left to right you have the standard Pilot G2 that everyone loves, The Uniball Power Tank, and a Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen. All of them submerged in water filled test tubes with caps on them. I’m going to give it some time and wait for the pensicles to completely harden and then I will be back with the last part of this review.

Click here for part 3 of the review!

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