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Uniball Signo DX .38 Brown Black Ink


The Uniball Signo DX .38 in Brown Black…I still dont like all the stuff painted on the side

I know I’ve reviewed the Uniball Signo DX .38 pens multiple times before, however this review will focus more on the actual color of the ink rather than the pen itself.  In the past I think I’ve made it clear that I really like the Signo DX, so I was curious to check out this unique color in one of my favorite pens.

Not so long ago, I was very hesitant to use anything other than black, or blue for any of my business or work writing, but once I discovered blue black ink, that completely changed my mind.  I found that the blue black ink was a great way to stand out a little bit without coming off as too busy or loud.  After I became comfortable with the blue black ink, the next thing I looked into was green black, which I also really liked.  Now that I was comfortable with all of these mixed color inks, I began to seek them out more often and I came across the Uniball Signo Brown Black, which I picked up from JetPens (no discount or special considerations for this mention, I write this simply as a happy customer)  a few months ago.


Writing sample of the Signo DX Brown Black with comparison to regular black

When I did the writing sample for this pen, I was initially disappointed because it was really hard to pick up the brown color of this ink, and to me it mostly looked black.  I did a little more writing and on some scrap paper I scribbled and doodled some, but to no avail, I found what mostly looked like black ink to me, or at best VERY dark brown

Because I was concerned that I was just missing something and not seeing it right, I decided to add a comparison to the writing sample that showed this ink next to black ink from an identical pen, so I grabbed my Signo DX .38 in black and went to work.  Now when I put the two inks next to each other I could see a more clear difference in the two inks.

I do really like the color once it is positioned in proximity to another color that helps set it off, but unfortunately for day to day writing this just is not a practical method to undertake in order to get a color of ink to show up nicely.  Ill probably use this pen as a back up or spare because as I said before, when used alone it just looks black to me, so I guess I’ve pretty much just got another Signo DX in black, that happens to say “Brown Black” on the cap.

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