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Uniball Vision Elite and Vision Elite BLX Blue Black Comparison


Uniball Vision Elite and BLX Blue Black Comparison

The other day when we posted the review of the new Uniball Vision Elite BLX pens, a question came up regarding how the BLX vs the regular Vision Elite in Blue Black compared.  I figured that since the question came up, I’d pick up the standard Vision Elite in Blue Black and do a quick comparison because I want to make sure the site is addressing your needs as a reader whenever I can.


Uniball Vision Elite and Vision Elite BLX Blue Black Writing Sample Comparison

For the most part I personally cant see any difference between the colors.  The only real difference I see really stems from the fact that the standard blue black Vision Elite that I picked up is a .8mm (bold) compared to the .5mm Vision Elite BLX.  The .8mm version being wider, just happens to show more of the shading and variation (bonus points if you can find the spelling mistake in my writing sample) in color that you get.  Overall I love both of the pens, and you cant go wrong with either the Standard Vision Elite in Blue Black or the  Uniball Vision Elite BLX color series.  Also, there has been a string of Uniball reviews and write ups over the last few days so Ill mix it up a bit going forward,  I don’t want the site to appear biased, just so happened that they have a few new products, and new products always get the priority here.

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