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Uniball Vision RT .6mm Review


The Rugged Uniball Vision RT .6mm Body

The Uniball Vision line of pens has been a solid workhorse of a pen that has been around for as long as I can remember.  When I saw a new Uniball Vision RT in a .6mm point, I had to grab it because the newer looking body looked very chunky and rugged.  Luckily the chunky and rugged body still made for a great writing experience.


Uniball Vision RT .6mm Clip

The body of the Uniball Vision RT .6mm looks great, and the grip has a great feel between the rubbery material of the grip and the small dimpled indentations that give a bit of extra traction.  One of the more impressive features on this pen is the clip that automatically forces the tip to retract when it is pulled up.  The functionality of the clip is one thing, however the thickness and solid feel of it were what really impressed me.  Too many times the clips on some pens feel like they might snap off with the slightest tug or pull, definitely not the case here.


Uniball Vision RT .6mm Refill

Inside the Vision RT there is a rather unique refill type that we have not seen before.  Similar to some other pens where the entire grip section has a visible fin system that feeds the ink to the tip, that same system is shrunken down significantly to fit into the refill itself.

Uniball Vision RT .6mm Summary.

Just like any of the other Uniball Vision pens I’ve used in the past, the writing experience with these is fantastic.  The line it lays down is solid and consistent with no skipping and the ink doesn’t smear or feather.  Additionally, it contains the Uni Super Ink that is designed to deter check and document fraud from people trying to alter either of those two items.  The pen is also airplane safe, meaning that it wont leak or explode due to the change in cabin pressure during your flight.  The Uniball Vision RT in a .6mm point is simply just one of those every day pens that you can use confidently for any task without a second thought.

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