Unique Ideas for Wedding Guest Book


Authored by Kate Beswick in Wedding
Published on 10-07-2009

Your wedding guest book is more than just a reminder of who came to your wedding. It should be a wonderful memory that’s full of well wishes from your loved ones. Your guest book should be something that you want to pull out over the years to remember the day and how much fun everyone had! There are many great ways that you can create a wonderful guest book that will be all that and much more!

One great way to turn away from the traditional satin white guest book and get one that’s truly unique is to use an oversized photo as your guest book. Choose your favorite engagement photo of the two of you and transform it into a work of art! Have the photo resized so that it’s large enough to hold all of your friends’ signatures and well wishes. Then have it transferred to canvas and frame it! Not only will you have a great book that will impress your guests, you’ll have a great memory of the day that you can hang in your new home afterwards!

You can also have an oversized blank square of canvas framed. Get really creative and choose canvas that matches your wedding colors. Leave blank squares clearly marked on the canvas and have friends sign around these squares. After the big day, place pictures of the wedding in the squares and they’ll be surrounded by your friends congratulations! Hang it in your home for a unique piece of art!

And there’s another great way you can use photos in your wedding guest book too! Ask the photographer, or assign a member of the wedding party, to stand at the door to greet guests. One by one, have the greeter take a Polaroid picture of the guest and have the guest sign it. Afterwards these can be put into a beautiful wedding guest book. You’ll be able to remember who came to your wedding, and see the joy on their faces as they helped you celebrate your big day!

If you want something beautiful to hang in your home but want something even more unique than a photo, you might want to consider getting a ceramic platter wedding guest book. These ceramic plates can come blank or with a design on them. They also come with special pens that can be used for writing on the plate. After the wedding, throw the plate in the oven for 30 minutes and the plate will be dishwasher safe and ready to use or hang in your home!

One great way to get your guests really involved in creating a great guest book is to include a page of the guest book along with the invitation. Have them unleash their imaginations on this page! Invite them to fill it up with decorations, happy thoughts, pictures of them with the bride or groom, or anything else that they think will make a great page for a guest book! Ask them to bring along their page with them to the wedding so they can be placed into a beautiful and fun guest book!


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