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Unique Pen The SMS and eMail Fountain Pen


A Unique Pen – The dscribe text message and eMail Sending Fountain Pen

This product has been around for a little while now but I thought it was worth revisiting it today.  I found it via one of my favorite sites, InStash but it was originally shared a while ago at YankoDesign.


A Unique Pen – The dscribe text message and eMail Fountain Pens in Multiple Colors

What does this pen do that makes it so different?

This fountain pen can be used to send text messages as well as for storage of your writing and sending eMails.  Writing out the text message or email and circling the name of the intended recipient will send it to whoever you want.  The only other tools required to use this are a bluetooth enabled phone and paper.  This unique pen can record all of the text that you write and store it for later use on your computer.  It has a digital display on the body that shows information about message recipients.  This seems like a great concept for an new approach to making office supplies more modern.

What are the possible uses for this unique pen?

I think that this unique pen would be good for making electronic signatures easier and more secure.  It would be great if it could be used to bookmark and fill out online forms too.  If it were able to store your online session and take you back to it later that would be very helpful.  Sometimes online forms are not in an ideal format for printing so maybe this unique pen could address that issue as well.

I’d be curious to know what ideas other pen experts have on how this unique pen can be put to use for doing creative things.  Hopefully one day this will be out there for the world to buy so they can find some good uses for it.  It kind of reminds me of the worlds coolest pen that we shared earlier this year.

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