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Unique taste of hermes pu tote bag

  • By Julia Phillips
  • Published 12/15/2010
  • Article Writing

As the fashionable tycoon in the harness products, Hermes brings unique sense of perfect and elaborate ideal for other products it provides. Among them, Hermes handbags inherit its family tradition. With the main material of PU leather, each Hermes tote bag meets creative designs. It is the trend for tote bag with diversified material to take place the market of leather bag. Hermes tote bag may be not willing to fall behind other branded bags and makes effort to offer convenience for daily wear. No matter in the HOBO style or animal shape, Hermes tote would rather pay more attention to providing larger volume for goods. Basically, such PU leather bag could swallow the office files, folders and office digital devices entirely. In addition, in the outside design, designers are trying their best to improve the application on paint and color assortment. Though Hermes bag would be slightly normal in design compared to bag artworks from branded bags, it would be the first choice for office ladies. Though PU leather is slightly weak in luster and flexibility than cowhide leather, Hermes is adjusting the material feature and improving the tote bag design all the time. Its PU leather bag for recent sale is with simple and fashionable outline. When lifting the bag by hand or on the shoulder, we may surprise for its superb stability. According to the tote design, the handle is placed by the side of shoulder; the bottom could be supported by waist. The entire design could benefit a comfortable sense for daily carrying. We may find the tendency to use PU leather tote instead of heavy handbag in dark color. What¡¯s more, it applies the superior PU leather which could defend against scratches and friction. Basically, the specification of handbag is 35x25x15cm. The height of strap is 13cm. Also, Hermes tote bag is with elaborate lock and tailor-made cute key. Even serious OLs may prefer such considerate.


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