Unique Travel Gifts for Men

Looking for the perfect gift for the traveling man in your life, something to aid him in his business travels yet unique enough to stand out? These suggestions will hone in on unique travel gifts specifically for men.

The Internet with all of its grand diversity offers a plethora of unique gift ideas, and specifically unique travel gifts for men. There is no reason that travel gifts for men have to necessarily be bland. Long gone are the times when travel gifts for men were left to briefcases, and laptop bags.

Baseball glove leather bags: These baseball glove leather bags are exactly what you would think them to be-bags of assorted sizes made from the same grade leather used to manufacture baseball gloves. These bags are made from Rawlings supple glove tanned cowhide, and features the company’s distinctive red logo. The baseball glove leather bags can be purchased through www. eBags.com

Compass cufflinks: These cufflinks are handmade of sterling silver and feature functional compasses. Compass cufflinks are a great travel gift for men, and are available at uncommongoods.com

Executive translator: The executive translator is a very practical travel gift for men who frequently travel abroad. The devise translates 320,000 words and approximately 32,000 commonly used phrase in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, as well as11 other languages. The executive translator can be purchased through Amazon.com

Sound Bags by Sharper Image: The Sharper Image has designed this unique travel gift for men and women alike. While masquerading as a high end backpack, the sound bag actually holds within itself a flat speaker panel for digital music play on the go. While the quality of sound isn’t quite what I would expect from Sharper Image, it is sufficient enough to get the job done for about 8-10 hours on a single set of batteries. Also, the strap of the sound bag has a transparent holder that fits most MP3 players making the digital music experience far less bothersome while traveling. The Sound Bag by Sharper Image can be purchased at fine retailers including Macy’s and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Solar powered messenger bags and backpacks: These bags have the capability to charge cell phones, PDA’s, and other digital devises that require batteries for operation. The solar panels are on the front of the bags and in addition to being solar powered, the bags also includes AC adapters for not so sunny days. This unique travel gift for men ranges in the ballpark of $250 through Uncommongoods.com.

These unique travel gifts are suitable for any man on the go. From weekends away from home, to extended business trips, or even going away to college, these are perfect alternatives to the traditionally ho-hum travel gifts for men.


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