Unique Travel Gifts for Women

If you are finding yourself at a loss for a unique travel gift idea for that special lady, have no fear. In this article I will go over some of the most unique travel gifts on the market for women on the go. Travel gifts for women can be practical while being unique at the same time.

High Traffic Gadget Cases: These gadget cases were made using salvaged traffic signs and feature a key locked closure as well as strap. Very urban in design, this case is an ideal travel gift for women with spunk. The high traffic gadget cases can be purchased through uncommongoods.com

Billboard DJ Messenger Bag: This unique travel gift for women is made from recycled billboard vinyl making each piece entirely unique from the next. The billboard dj messenger bag is durable enough to carry practically anything and while being a great “green “alternative to the typical messenger bag also features the convenience of an outer cell phone pocket. Billboard DJ messenger bags are available through uncommongoods.com

Clean /dirty lingerie bags: These bags have separate zippered compartments making it easy for women to keep the dirty and clean separate. This is a must have as far as travel gifts for women are concerned.

Leather travel jewelry box: Women who love jewelry will definitely appreciate this travel gift. Necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings all have their own compartments preventing tangling and the loss of smaller jewelry items. This is a functionally unique travel gift idea for all women alike. The Travel jewelry boxes can be purchased through eBags.com

Gorilla Tripods: Gorilla tripods are unlike traditional tripods as the tripod’s “legs” are designed to be wrapped around items as opposed to traditionally tripods which can only be set atop flat surfaces. Thus unique travel gift for women is ideal for women with a flair for photography. The gorilla tripod can be purchased through thinkgeek.com.

Lavender Booties and Wrap: Times away from home can be stressful. This travel gift for women is designed to help take some of the edge off. Booties and wrap both feature lavender inserts as lavender offers substantial relaxing qualities. To one up the aromatherapy benefits, they can both be micro waved to add the benefit of warmth to further calm and soothe the busy woman in your life. This unique travel gift for women can be purchased through RedEnvelope.com

Send that woman in your life abroad with flair. Travel gifts for women can complement their personalities while being unique at the same time. Unique travel gifts for women like the ones suggested above can also be found in high end retail stores as well.


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