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Unique Websites Need Unique Content

  • By Russell Hancock
  • Published 04/1/2008
  • Article Writing

With so may people jumping on the adsense bandwagon it is not surprising that there are so many of these so called “turnkey” websites for sale, all of them promising to make you rich in no time. The truth is that more often than not the only ones making any money are the ones that created and sold the site. For the hundredth time. These so called web designers are in the business of creating sites from templates and selling them over and over again, for a quick profit. The buyers of these sites are often unaware that there may be hundreds, if not thousands of identical websites floating around out there with exactly the same content as theirs. These are called “cookie cutter” sites. What sets a mediocre site apart from a good one besides a good design is unique content. The problem is that unless you are an accomplished writer and an authority on the particular niche you are exploring, it is virtually impossible to find anything that is truly unique anymore. If a good article has been floating around on the internet for any time at all, chances are someone has already copied and pasted the contents into their website or blog, many times over.

Article Directories are repositories for the content that you find in many of these sites or blogs. The purpose of these directories is to allow someone to write about something they are familiar with, either for fun, profit or for the purpose of promoting their

own websites. These articles are then made freely available for anyone to use at any time. The problem is when a particularly good article is used over and over again it is no longer unique as far as search engines go. What will happen then is someone will attempt to rewrite it, and make it their own. This can be accomplished by either manually changing some of the content of the article or by using a rewriter program. These are also often easy to spot, mainly because someone either does not write English as their first language, or does not bother to proof read the article after it is rewritten using a program. When you are zipping along and reading something and spot obvious grammatical errors or words that do not belong in the sentence structure, you can bet that someone has done just that. So how do you get really fresh and unique content? Well you can hire someone to write an article for you and there are many people out there who will gladly provide this service for you. If you do hire someone to write for you be sure to ask for samples of their work. Also, use copyscape which is a tool which will allow you to check for duplicate content on the web. If you want the article written in English ask if they speak and write English as their first language. If not I would tend to shy away from using them unless they have a proven track record of providing this type of work to other clients.

In summary, what you do want is for your website to stand out from all the others. What you do not want is what everybody else already has.



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