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Unique Wedding Ideas for Your Wedding Celebration

  • By Carolyn Anderson
  • Published 05/26/2011
  • Writing

Traditional wedding rituals are fine and some churches really want weddings to be formal. But nowadays, more and more couples do away with the common to the more exotic styles of the celebration. In fact, many brides are even looking for unique wedding ideas. A little twist to your wedding celebration can be interesting. Anyhow; it’s the fun that will linger in your memories. Some ideas that will excite you and your guests are: – Choose an uncommonly beautiful place for your celebration and reception. Like a vast garden of flowers or an apple orchard in autumn. Incorporating nature’s beauty will truly be a wonderful experience. The natural scent and vibrant color around will enhance the setting of your celebration. A cabin nestled within the trees decorated with trimmings that go with the colors of the season would be a nice option for the reception. Couples can also choose an ancient landmark, like a castle or a temple. It’s how you beautify the scene that counts. – Invite a surprise guest like the couple’s favorite local singer to sing their love songs, or perhaps a mascot who will dance with the couple and the guests as well. Be sure to inform the photographer or videographer or the wedding director to keep it a secret until the last minute.

– Show some pictures of the couple, friends and exciting past events on a wide screen. Have a trivia game about the newlyweds. Guests will have a good time guessing random facts about them, or for the couple to kiss, a guest has to s

tand up and share a memory about them. – Create your own gorgeous table centerpiece. Use fresh flowers in exciting colors. You can use any material to complement your flower on a vase. So long as you keep it simple. – Especially for active, young couples a hike-and-camp activity will be thrilling after the ceremony. Other sports activity will be fun for those who wish to exercise their best-loved sport like swimming. A barn dance will be nice too! – Assign a friend to take photos of your guests as they arrive. Sign each one at the back with your name and the date. Send this to them together with a thank you card. They will be pleased to receive it. – For Catholics, it would be precious if the pope himself blesses your marriage. By sending a copy of your wedding invitation to the Vatican, along with a donation, you will have the papal blessing. You may ask your priest for the exact address as to whom and where you will send the invitation. – Learn the art of recycling paper a few months before you wed. And use handmade paper for your wedding invitations Embed them with some flower or tree seeds. Add a little note about the seeds and do request them to plant those. It will surely make a difference to be an advocate for the preservation of our environment. Make it a part of your wedding vows. Your future children and grandchildren will surely benefit from what you do today.

Your wedding will be as unique as you want it to be. And remember, the excitement lies in the creative self that you have been hiding all these time and this can be your key to a unique wedding idea.



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