Unusual Ways to Get Scholarships

Going to college can be expensive, and an easy way to get into debt. It is important to find financial aid, and any scholarships that you might qualify for. Sometimes you can earn them from high school once you have graduated, or perhaps your church has funds that can aid in some costs for school as well. Then there are state grants that college students can apply for too. While there is your common financial aid assistance, there are other types of scholarships that you can be rewarded for.

One website, finaid.org, aids students in finding unusual scholarships. They offer a variety of original categories to choose from such as last name, creativity, twins, legacies, activity related, and even the final frontier. If you didn’t get the needed assistance from financial aid or a grant, then this website could have something to offer you on a totally different range of acceptance.

One scholarship even offers a reward for left handed students. A student can receive up to one thousand dollars for college just because they are left handed. Another scholarship offers an award to “little people,” such as those who are midgets or dwarfs. Anybody who is 4′10 in height or less is eligible. On the opposite side of that, those who are tall and are 5′10 in height or more can be rewarded the Tall Clubs International Scholarship.

Another article at freescholarship.us, suggests that students can find unclaimed scholarships as funding for college. It instructs them to simply use the term “unclaimed scholarships” in a scholarship database or search engine to find them.

At unclaimedscholarships.us, it offers some of the types of scholarships that are available for minority students. The Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund offers up to $2,000 in funding for students who are attending an undergraduate school. For those who are interested in nursing, there are also scholarships for minority nursing students.

If you have a special creative talent, then you might try entering contests, or auditions that award scholarships. As stated on CollegeData.com, it stated that there are virtual scholarships available for college bound students. They won’t be similar to those earned from academic standards though. Virtual scholarships may offer cash and prizes for a written song, play, story, or poem. These types of contests often do not review your academic history because it is all based on your creativity.

For students who may suffer from medical conditions, there are scholarships available too. If you suffer from conditions such as asthma or you are blind, you can be rewarded money. You also don’t need a medical condition or a high GPA to earn money either. Students who enjoy horseback riding, or are involved with girl or boy scouts, can also get money for college. You might even get lucky if you are the grandchild of an alumni who went to the college of your choice too. It just takes some simple searching in a college database of scholarships and some surfing on the internet.

So while your hard earned GPA is definitely important for getting into the school of your choice, it isn’t always necessarily needed to get the money you need to go to college. Scholarships can be rewarded based on all types of skills, necessities, your race, talent, and even medical condition. There is money to be found for college-and it doesn’t take just your brains to get it.


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