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Upcoming summer season

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 05/9/2011
  • Article Writing

With the concept of low-carbon life have been proposed, more and more people love and longing for the natural green environment. A large number of people to holiday in the scenic area to play around, so how can the fashion industry falling behind it. More clothes through the use of floral, tannin, chiffon shirts and other elements show the pastoral style.Garden-style Cocktail Dresses to wear, even walking in the busy city will give a stroll among the flowers in the garden relaxing. Princess equipment is every girl’s dream, beautiful and elegant is our dream gauze dress princess dress. By wearing light veil, we can make a dream princess Mei Mei, which girls can not love? Flowing veil clever mix of fantasy to teach you to create daily dress!

The Dream Garden as inspiration, Mr. French designer Alexandre Zouari make a leap of imagination, filled in the spring and summer presents a series of dream gir

l style hair ornaments. These colorful Jiaoqiao hair accessories, a perfect combination of both bright and colorful spring and summer 2011 fashion, as well as an active spring and summer into the charming atmosphere.Like everyone, like Alice, Sweet Dreams experience as journey. It is no longer the cold in April, the influx of people will be printed with dream-like beauty clothed body printing, so that my dream always could feel the spring. Fresh color, gradient geometric patterns, dim galaxy, immersed in the magnificent dream. It is cool and the streets full of Baby Flower Girl Dresses up a model of taste CHIC Oh!Upcoming summer season, their elegant fairy attire is not to wait to wear it out? Pleated skirts retro flavor, is the preferred season sweet girl, romantic chiffon blouse has a big popularity each season. Flowers, flower prints and three-dimensional modeling is the sweet in the end. What in the end the most popular fairy clothing, together we look.



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