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Update on Giveaways Not Being Claimed Please Read

Sometimes despite my best efforts, I literally cant give things away to people so: 1)I’m implementing some changes, and 2) I’m also offering up a few tips to hopefully increase the number of people that actually claim the prizes that they sign up for.  See below for these two important updates.

The New and Improved Rules:

Starting now, any unclaimed prizes are going to be rolled into whatever our next giveaway is.  This pertains to any giveaway that wasn’t claimed within 30 days of being announced.  So winners will have 30 days to claim their prize or it will be offered up to someone else, this has always been the stated rule, but now I’m actually going to enforce it.  For example, if a bottle of ink goes unclaimed after 30 days, and the next scheduled giveaway is our monthly JetPens gift card, the winner of the gift card also gets the bottle of ink.  If after 30 days those two items go unclaimed the next giveaway winner (likely the Goldspot prize pack) will get the ink, the JetPens gift card, AND the Goldspot fountain pen prize pack.  The only exception will be that for our sponsored giveaways such as the ones from JetPens and Goldspot, we won’t give one person duplicates of those from the same sponsor, so one JetPens gift card and one Goldspot prize pack max.  If its a giveaway of something I’ve picked up myself, the skys the limit as long as there is an unclaimed backlog.  Hopefully all of that makes sense, but feel free to ask any questions below in the comments section.

Making Sure you don’t miss your chance to claim your prize:

I have a hunch that many people that sign up for the giveaways might end up with our emails going to their spam filters.  The majority of folks are using Gmail and Yahoo, but whoever you use for your email, if you want to make sure you get our emails, make sure you put our email address in your address book, this usually prevents emails from going to SPAM.  The email address we send from is always going to be osg@ourdomainname.com I’m leaving out the actual name to avoid any screen scraping spambots, but the domain name is the name of this website. 🙂  Some email providers also just let you create a white list of email addresses that never go to spam.

For our giveaways we try to contact winners via whatever method we have contact info for, which means twitter, Facebook, eMail, or Instagram for the most part so be on the lookout there and check those SPAM filters.  If you haven’t signed up for our monthly giveaway, go ahead and do so here now that you have a chance to win multiple prizes each time.

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