Upper Back Tattoos for Guys


Authored by Phil Dotree in Body Arts 
Published on 11-12-2009

One of the most common forms of tattoos for men is the upper back tattoo. If you’ve got the right design and artist, you can really create an amazing statement in this area. The upper back is simply a good place for a bit of art. It’s concealable, for job interviews and the like, but still very visible. The key is making sure that you’re happy with the art before the tattoo is inked.

Here’s a few tips for guys who are considering an upper back tattoo.

Finding a design.
This is, of course, one of the most important parts of any tattoo. Whatever you ink, it’s going to be on you for life. Make sure you’ve got the right design. If you’re using the Internet to find a design, look for high quality. If you want to be unique, think of possible ways to change designs that you find. Talk them out with the tattoo artist who will be doing the work. Always make mock-ups of the final design before proceeding. Look over every single dot of your upper back tattoo design. You can’t afford any mistakes.

You should also talk to the artist about tattoo degradation. Think of how your prospective design will look in twenty years, not just next week.

Finding an upper back tattoo artist.
The biggest variable of all is the artist that you choose to do your upper back tattoo. If you’re looking at tattoo artists on the Internet, try to find samples. Make sure the samples are high quality. Try to contact the former clients of a certain artist to get their opinion of the work. Make sure the tattoo artist has worked on the upper back area before. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that all tattoos are the same. Different areas of the body require very different techniques.

If you don’t know how to find a good upper back tatooo artist, ask around. Other people with tattoos are your best resource all around. Talk to people on Internet forums. If you see someone with a tattoo that you like, it’s not impolite to ask them about it. Find out what artist they used. Get their feedback on every element of the process.

Take care of it.
Finally, once your tattoo’s done, take care of it. Carefully follow the artist’s instructions. You’ll usually want to avoid direct sunlight or any skin products on your upper back for a while. Find out what can go wrong. Do everything you can to take care of your upper back tattoo. In the early stages, especially, it’s going to be tender and raw. Put up with the pain. It’s better than using some unapproved product and messing up your tattoo. However, if you’re experiencing any extreme pain, see a doctor. It’s possible for tattoos to become infected. For your overall health and the health of your tattoo, it’s best to get treatment right away.

Do you have an upper back tattoo? Are you considering one? Help out our readers. Post any thoughts or comments that you may have in the comments section below this article.


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