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US MIlitary Memo Books

Back when I picked up the Green Military Log book to review (see that review here) I also grabbed a 3 pack of these US Military Memo Books (via Amazon).  Those Green Military Log books were a larg hard cover notebook while these US Military Memo Books are a smaller, flexible soft cover pocket notebook.

The US Military Memo Books have a sewn binding that is glued into the green vinyl coated flexible cover.  The entire memo book measures 3-3/8″ by 5-5/8″ and has 72 sheets (144 pages) of bright white college ruled paper with rounded corners.  With a little bit of pressure, the US Military Memo Books will stay open pretty flat when writing in them.

US Military Memo Books – The Writing Sample:

Inside the US Military Memo Books the paper seems to hold most inks pretty well.  I tried several pens including the Uniball Signo 307, Sharpie Pen, Pilot G2, Pilot Precise V5, Uniball Jetstream, Uniball Signo DX (UM 151) and also a Kuru Toga mechanical pencil.  In addition to these I also tried my Pilot Vanishing Point with Sailor Jentle Dandyism ink which only showed a slight bit of feathering.  On the surface, the testing seemed to go pretty well…and then there was the flip side of the page.

So this is where the problem comes in, the backside of the paper in the US Military Memo Books.  There wasn’t one pen or ink that didn’t show through to the backside of the paper in these.  Some showed through less, but even the ones that didn’t show though as much, still showed through enough that it was a distraction.  Personally there is no way I could ever use these if I wanted to write on the back of the pages, which makes them incredibly wasteful in my mind.

One last picture of the US Military Memo Books to show the information printed on the back cover.  Although I did think these look kind of cool, and the reviews on Amazon are pretty positive, I just cant get behind suggesting these to anyone under any circumstances, but you don’t believe me or the pictures above, feel free to check them out for yourself on Amazon.

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