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USB Key Chain Charging Cable The Nomad Cable Review


USB Keychain Charging Cable The Nomad Cable Box

I recently saw a news story about taxi cabs in New York City installing USB charging ports in their passenger areas and it made me wonder if a USB keychain charging cable even existed.  A quick search turned up a bunch of these mini charger cables for your keychain, but this particular one by Kero Industries looked like the best option to me.


USB keychain Charging Cable The Nomad Cable on keychain Uncapped

This USB keychain charging cable is a great little item to have on your keychain in case you find yourself in a situation away from home where you just need to charge up a bit using a laptop or any device around with a powered USB port.  Because this is a portable and emergency use item, you can see that it might ignore some niceties in favor of remaining small, light weight, and easily pocketed.  The actual cable part that you see between the two USB plugs in the photo above only measures approximately 1.25″ long.


USB keychain Charging Cable The Nomad Cable on keychain

The short 1.25″ cable is one of the features that makes the Kero USB keychain charging cable so practical to keep on hand.  At a cursory glance  you will see that it attaches to your keychain pretty easily, but there is one thing you cant see in this picture.  The cap that covers that end of this keychain USB actually fits on very snugly and does not at all feel like it would uncap itself and get lost.  Because this end of the USB port has the larger adapter which is a simple rectangular shape, there is no need to pay much attention to how you re-cap this since it can fit in either way.  You might be asking why this is important to care about for the moment, so go on and check out the next picture.


USB keychain Charging Cable The Nomad Cable Micro USB Cap Slots

The cap on the small end of the USB keychain charging cable also fits on very snugly so that you wont loose it, but it also needs to be put on in a particular  position so that the grooves on the bottom of the micro USB plug align with the slots inside of the cap.


USB keychain Charging Cable The Nomad Cable Plugged In

There are no tricks or anything you need to worry about when it comes time to actually use your USB keychain charging cable by Nomad.  Like any other USB cable, regardless of length, just plug in both ends and you should be charging any minute now.  Just be aware that because of the short cable, you might need to get creative in finding something to rest or balance your phone on if the powered USB port you are using isn’t close to the surface of a desk or table.  I am really glad I caught that story about the taxi cabs with USB ports for their riders or else I never would have found this very practical little gadget that makes me feel even more prepared for an emergency.  Also worth noting is that this review is for the Micro USB version of the Nomad USB keychain charging cable, but there is also an Apple MFi Lightning version available as well.

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