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Use Customer's Questions to Establish Your Expert Status

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

Ever wonder how to get expert status on your topic without being a doctor or a college professor? Develop customer loyalty and ensure that readers will return to your site by providing excellent customer service. I know my topic well, I’m able to offer objective advice and I present myself professionally whenever I post replies on the Internet. I finally found a way to use this to my advantage. I use customer questions to establish an expert status. It’s simple really. Answering questions as a way to develop customer loyalty and ensure that people will return to my site for answers in the future. I see questions all the time on how to use article marketing to earn more money online, for example. It would be easy for me to directly respond to this question in the body of an e-mail or as a reply in a forum. I’ve found that it is more effective, however, to provide them with a brief answer, write a more detailed answer in the body of an article and give potential customers a link to the article. My direct reply to customer’s question is that article marketing is a way to get a lot of high quality back links to your site, increase your page ranking and bring more visitors to your site. Then I would write an article that describes how all this works and fits together to build revenue. I would go into detail about what article marketing is, the importance of quality back links and how to keep customers coming back to your site.

Following this method I’ve been able to achieve expert status. Now people come to me as a sou

rce of information on article marketing. That makes me a valuable commodity on the Internet and builds traffic to my site. You can see your stats skyrocket too by using this method. Answer Customer Questions Answering customer’s questions is an easy way to build your reputation as an expert in the field. Getting started is as easy as reading your e-mail and getting involved in forum discussions. * Scour your forum (as well as the forums on other websites that cover your topic) for customer’s questions. Post a well-thought-out answer to their question. Avoid giving a hard sell for your website or products. Instead, present yourself professionally and provide a link to your site and your signature. * Answer customer’s e-mails quickly. Partially answer customer’s questions, write an article to thoroughly cover the topic and provide your potential customer with the link to your new article. Always leave your reader hungry for more. Answer Customer Questions to Achieve Expert Status Answering customer questions and a thorough and informative way is a great way to establish yourself as an expert. One amazing article will attract some attention, but creating a list of informative articles will secure your expert status.

When you answer a customer’s question, quickly turn it into a few paragraphs you know he wants more information about. Do some research to expand on your ideas and build an article around the topic. You’ll get more page views by writing a whole new article on the topic then by simply answering the question. If you have one customer asking a question about your product or niche topic, you know others are asking too.


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