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Use Displays for Exhibitions for Different Purposes

  • By Steven Hays
  • Published 09/20/2012

The versatility, practicality and affordability of the pop up banner stands make them the right tools for advertising and marketing the products and services of a business. These stands are most effective for exhibitions and trade shows. However, if a business uses these stands only for exhibitions once or twice a year, it is not put to use in an effective manner. It is possible to use banner stands for a number of other purposes.

To direct traffic to a particular point: If your office or store is spread on the different floors of a large building, it may be difficult for people to find a particular place. For example, if there is a business meet at the conference hall of a big hotel, participants and visitors may find it difficult to find the venue. All you need to do is place the pop up banners near the main entrance to direct the traffic to the conference venue.

To draw people to your business location: Whether you own a store or run an office, it is necessary that the passing crowd is aware of its existence. An outdoor banner stand at a prominent location nearby would help the passers-by to find your business with ease. For example, if your store is in the left lane of a busy road, you may place a banner stand at the road intersection to attract the attention of the traffic to your location.

To generate interest at presentations: When you need to demonstrate a new product at a launch or speak about a product at a seminar, the three-sided banner displays may act as an appropriate background. The eye-catching graphics on the display ensure that the attention of the crowd is attracted towards the event. With an attractive background display, the opportunity for engaging the attention of the audience enhances.

To attract attention to the right place in a retail shop: If you operate a retail store and want the customers to take notice of a new product or a particular promotional offer, all you need to do is place an attractive pop up stand at the entrance or near the payment outlets. An attractive display is sure to generate awareness about the product or promotion with ease and efficacy.

While it is possible to use the exhibition display for different purposes, you need to keep in mind that only the right display at the right locations would lead to the right results. For example, only a big banner would be noticeable at a road intersection. If you place a tiny pop up stand instead, it may go unnoticed. On the other hand, a big display in a small store would look out of place.

Another thing to keep in mind is the suitability of the displays for indoor and outdoor use. Indoor displays may not be able to withstand the effects of inclement weather. Make sure you choose outdoor displays for this purpose. You also need to keep the portability factor in mind when choosing the displays. This ensures that they are not difficult to carry from one place to another.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is working in an advertising agency. He provides a few ideas regarding the use of exhibition display for different purposes.



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