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Used Chillers Are Great Heat Absorbing Devices

  • By Rendeq Rendeq
  • Published 06/25/2012
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Water chillers are generally used in every industry where a component like machinery or product needs to be cooled. At times however normal chillers do not provide strong enough cooling properties and industrial chillers are used. These process chillers differ from standard chillers as they utilize refrigerant coolants like ammonia and halocarbons, and can supply a higher level of cooling capabilities than standard chillers. Today many industries prefer used chillers as compared to new machines. This is mainly due to the advantages of used industrial products. Chiller is a mechanical device especially used to cool large industrial, commercial, and institutional facilities. Most industrial chillers are made powerful to circulate about four hundred tons of water at a time, in outsized facilities. Chillers are often used for industrial and commercial buildings. Various applications of chillers are listed below:

  • Chillers used in numerous industrial applications are by and large made up of four parts namely compressors, evaporators, condensers, and metering devices.
  • Industrial applications like plastics industry use chillers to reduce cycle times in injection molding by regulating the temperatures.
  • Chillers are utilized in baking and other foods, since cooler water permits dough to be mixed for longer periods and further increases the quality of the product.
  • Chillers are empowered to cool various food producing processes such as the creation of chocolate, meat massaging, and vegetable processing.
  • Used chillers are of great use in industries like pharmaceuticals, where emollient vats generate large amounts of heat and habitually disperse it through a process chiller.
  • They are even largely utilized in printing applications to normalize temperatures in rollers and press to reduce stretching and bleeding.

The main advantage of used chiller is that it provides large amount of cooling to virtually any facility, with the capacity to chill up to forty tons of water or other refrigerant at one time. Online stores offer various types of industrial equipment like used chillers, used hoppers, used piping and used balers along with different types of compressors and coolant systems. Each chiller has its own strength and weakness. It is crucial to know the amount of water to be cooled and at what rate before purchasing a chiller and then assessing the type of cooling needed.

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