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Used handbags should be recycled

  • By Julia Phillips
  • Published 12/15/2010
  • Article Writing

Usually a fashionable woman owns several handbags. And she never feels enough. The more new handbags she buys, the more old bags she has. What to do with these used bags? Throw them away? It is not wise to do so. How about recycle them? It sounds like a good idea. However, it seems troublesome to recycle these used bags as it takes people time and energy. Some people consider it unnecessary to do so. As a matter of fact, it is essential to do it! Why? 1. It protects the environment. If we throw a used bag away, the environment is facing with more threaten. It adds the discharge value of carbon. The materials of the bag such as leather and cloth are actually useful. They can be used for making other items. It is a waste of material if we throw the used bag away. Why not recycle the materials for creating a new one or other accessories? 2. It saves money. Purchasing a new bag which is of latest design and style costs much money. However, if people make good use of the old bags, a fashionable one can be created by them by using the materials and patterns of the used. It saves people much money! 3. It saves more time and energy than buying a new one. In fact, purchasing a new handbag usually takes more time and energy. People have to see whether it is fashionable or not. And they have to consider the style, brand, quality and price of it. As there are more and more new bags in the market, it is really confusing to decide which one to buy. To recycle and old one is quite different. People just need to design their dream bag then create a new one according to their own designs. They don’t have to take a bus or drive a car if the market is far away from home. They don’t have to walk into various stores to compare different bags. 4. It is of great fun. Actually, to recycle a used handbag is funny. Just imagine creating a new bag by recycling the olds is exciting. More and more people enjoy DIY today. It is really funny and exciting. Most people enjoy themselves when they are having DIY. And they like to show their works after they finish their works. It is meaningful and worthwhile to recycle the used bags as it protects the environment, saves money, energy and time.


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