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Computers have become essential tools in almost every aspect of our daily lives. From businesses down to our own gratification, we use computers. Similar to other things we have, we need to perform proper maintenance in order to extend their lives. Here is a quick guide to help you lengthen your computer’s function.

Update Installed Security Software

It is strongly recommended that computers should be equipped with security protection applications to prevent individuals with malicious intent from ruining your computer system. Thus, updated security software can stop their action before they even get to think about starting it. As advice, always update installed security software to be sure that your system is prepared for any possible threats.

Remove Unwanted Applications and Trash Files

Always clean the computer after each use. This does not mean to literally clean the physical components of the computer, but the intangible components. Remove deleted and unusable files such as those that are in the recycle bin if you are using Windows.

For some operating systems like Windows, deleted files are not immediately removed from the computer, but are only marked as deleted and stored to the recycle bin. These files continue to use segments of the computer’s storage space which can supposedly be used by other applications. You may use available system utility tools to perform this action.

Clean Cache and Cookies

The Internet is not just a good source of information, but also for tons of data stored in a computer without a user’s knowledge. Each time a user accesses the Internet either for work or entertainment, servers of visited services store pieces of tiny information that will remain in the computer even when the service is terminated. These files are referred to as cache and cookies. If put together, these chunks of files can eventually create huge trouble when the computer tries to connects to the internet in the future.

Be Aware of What You Are Doing Online

One of the reasons why worms and viruses are successful in delivering their payload is because of our negligence. This is also the very reason why many became victims of sex predators during the early rise of the dot com era. To prevent all this, always be aware of what you are doing. Refrain from visiting sites that may pose any threat to your security, the security of your computer, and that may jeopardize your liberty in computing.

Most pornographic and violent related web portals are common carriers of malicious applications that can be installed in to a victim’s computer without his/her knowledge. Thus these sites must be avoided and never be visited.

Provide the Unit with Good Ventilation

Heat is a known external factor that can cause severe computer issues. Once the internal parts of the computer overheat, it may lead to several issues such as lost of data or total system failure. One good way to prevent parts from overheating is by securing good ventilation for the unit. Try to create enough room to allow the air to circulate and distribute the heat produced by the computer itself.

Aside from good ventilation, it is also best not to over use your unit. If you feel that the system has been running for a good number of hours, then let it rest and allow it to cool down. This is very important especially if you are using a laptop or computer with a CTR monitor.


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