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Useful Guide to Essential Women’s Clothing Items

  • By Anastasia Koko
  • Published 12/26/2011

While the latest clothing trends get female fashionista’s in a flurry, what is more important, especially if you’re on a tight budget, is to ensure you have timeless items in your wardrobe which you will need regularly.

In addition, you can then mix and match these must-haves in new ways to keep up to date with the current fashion season.

The following guide will give you an overview of the clothing that every woman should have at hand.

‘Little Black Number’

You can never go wrong with the ‘little black number’. This wardrobe essential looks good on women of every age and shape, plus it is easily within of every budget, from M&S to haute couture by top designers,

Made famous by Coco Chanel, she defined the little black dress in the 1920’s as pure elegance and style, with simplicity of cut that will never become dated.

Another iconic person who made this garment fashionable is the black cocktail dress accessorised with pearls that was worn by Audrey Hepburn in the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Designed by Givenchy, it raised a staggering £410,000 at auction in 2006 (estimated at six times its original cost).

In addition, the unforgettable French singer Edith Piaf often wore a simple black sheath for her performances throughout her career, which earned her the nickname ‘the little black sparrow’. On our side of the pond, the Duchess of Windsor, Wallace Simpson, was quoted as saying “When a little black dress is right there is nothing else to wear in its place”.

The little black number is an absolute crucial to every woman’s wardrobe, and what makes it even more timeless is that it can be easily accessorised to allow for both evening and day wear.

Trousers and Pant Suits

Trousers and pant suits will never go out of style as they can be dresses up of dressed down in a variety of creative ways to suit any occasion.


Comfortable, sexy and stylish, jeans have been a vital clothing item for both men and women since they were first introduced in their modern form by Levi Strauss. Other pioneer brands that became renowned for their particular cut followed, including Wrangler and Lee Cooper.

Jeans were originally catapulted into the fashion industry in the 1950’s when famous film stars wore them in iconic movies, such Marlon Brando, James Dean and Elvis Presley. By the 1960’s, jean brands were in high demand worldwide and a wide range of designs and styles were manufactured.

During the 1980’s, designer jeans were all the rage, with names such as Calvin Klein, Armani and Gloria Vanderbilt making headlines. Looking back however, those ripped, frayed, torn and stone washed jeans were rather awful, but they certainly were a major fashion statement of the time.

Today, there are countless different brands to choose from and jeans remain a hot fashion item in a wide range of colours, designs and styles. Their popularity will endure because they not only look great, they can be worn for most occasions with an unending assortment of accessories.

Winter Coats

Considering you will need a winter coat on a daily basis for many months of the year here in the UK, it’s a good idea to look at it as an investment and buy the best that your budget will allow rather than being seduced by the latest trendy coats which may become dated after only one season. Your winter coat should also be chosen to fit in with your existing wardrobe. There is a huge range to choose from to suit all tastes and shapes, so take a little time to shop around.

Further Clothing Tips for Women


It’s crucial to choosing the right size for each of your garments so that it compliments you perfectly. Sizing can be rather bewildering however, since a medium from one brand can be too small in another. The fashion numbers in sizing make shopping tricky, one fashion designer’s size 10 can be another designer’s 12.

To complicate matters further, women have individual body shapes with unique breast, waist, hip and thigh measurements. For all this reason, the best way forward is to take the extra time to try a garment on to make sure it suits you.


Fashion trends do vary but a good haircut, colour and style will certainly define your look and enhance your outfit. As 2011 draws to a close, the hair trends for 2012 seem to be moving toward a nostalgic revival and some of the most glamorous styles of the 20th century are being reborn to compliment clothing trends.


With a little creativity, any garment can be made to look fresh with some accessories. Your choices in this are endless – from bracelets, beads and high-end jewellery to handbags, belts and scarves -accessories are the secret that transforms any outfit from the ordinary into the outstanding.


Womens clothing offers such a diverse range of choice that it is vital to take the time to shop around in order to find the items that compliment you best. Rather than slavishly following the latest trends, my advice is to find the styles that suit your individual body and personality, then jazz them up with a few trendy accessories. The garments mentioned above however are simply a must-have for any woman.

About the Author: Anastasia Koko is a stylist and designer of womens clothing.



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