Useful Male Enhancement Exercises

If size really doesn’t matter, then why is there a billion dollar industry out there for male enhancement products? Men are popping pills like teens pop acne, just to achieve greatness in their pants. Before you end up on a list that rivals major league baseball’s steroid list, you should try some exercises that will have you sporting trouser confidence in no time. There are many exercises out there that effectively work to boost your confidence, just be sure to select the right one.

First off, try weight training. Don’t go asking you friends for a spot just yet these exercises are movements designed to physically stretch your penis by using constant tension as a weight will gradually pull at your penis and in time add to your length. This method has been reported to work, but please be careful as too much tension may cause unwanted side effects, side effects such of loss of a loved one, your Johnson.

Next we have the most effective method the milking or jelqing technique. This is where you literally stroke your penis from the base of the shaft towards the head with a slow and firm grip. It is basically like milking a cow and have you ever seen a cow with small utters? These motions should be repetitious starting with just over a 100 repetitions a month and gradually increasing in time. Be careful not to do too many as it could negate your hard work.

Looking to kill two birds with one stone? Well using the next technique will have you well on the way to satisfying your mate in more ways than one by using the Kegal or Ballooning method. This method is when a male holds back the urge to urinate or cum. Not only will this exercise aid in the length of your member, but will help with the duration of your sex romps as well. Using a warm cloth and leaving it wrapped around your penis is a good way to prepare the area before performing this technique, as well as using a good lubricant, such as baby oil. This method as well as the milking method works best with repetition. If used properly one can achieve extra thickness to go along with their length.

Another great exercise that will enhance the size of your package and is often over looked is any of the core exercises (plank, crunch or draw-in maneuver). Reducing the size of your midsection can dramatically increase the appearance of your penis, making it look much larger. A good cardio vascular routine will help here, as well as shrinking your stomach and improving blood flow to your penis.

All of these methods should be effective in one way or another and lead to great confidence and swagger. It is recommended that you give each a try, but most of all learn to appreciate what you have and focus on making it work for you and yourself and your partner will be pleased.


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