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Usefulness of High Visibility Clothing

High visibility clothing is available in various stores selling bicycles as well as work wears. These apparels help people to notice the wearers in case of poor lighting or adverse weather conditions. Sometimes many people also wear these safety clothes on their jobs for preventing accidents.

  • Offering Safety and Warmness

Ø  Safety

Mostly the cyclists, construction workers, joggers as well as the emergency service workers wear these clothes for their protection. You can stay safe and secured with these clothes. Usually luminous colours as well as reflective materials are used to create these vests. Some specific colours and styles are frequently used in order to match with the kind of activity for enabling individuals to be noticeable from their adjacent areas.

The traditional type of this clothing is fluorescent yellow colour jacket with reflective strips of silver that helps the wearer to get distinguished at night. The fluorescent colour helps to make the wearer noticeable during daytime, whereas the reflective strips make it more feasible for the motorists to notice him at night. This is how his safety is enhanced. According to a British Medical Journal, it is found that the motorists who wear the safety vests with fluorescent colours and reflective stripes are 37% less likely to face an accident.

Ø  Warmness

Apart from providing you safety, some of the high visibility clothes also offer you warmness. You will find that some of the safety jackets have pads that help you to protect you from injury when you fall down as well as give you warmth to your body. The additional warmness to your body is necessary when you use the vest at night or in difficult weather conditions.

Safety clothing can be divided in three classes as set by International Safety Equipment Association. Class I type is usually worn by the attendants of the parking lot to attract the attention of the motorists whereas Class II clothing meets the requirements of high visibility. In Class II generally the employers provide the clothing for their employees as in case of baggage handlers of airport. And Class III is the most effective of all the other classes and is often used by the personnel involved in emergency services. The workers of the emergency service wear these clothes to be seen clearly in dark or smoky weather conditions.

However whenever you are purchasing high visibility clothing, you should take into considerations some significant points. You must check out that the clothing for high visibility is meeting the standards of International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA). As per ISEA consent as of 2010 the background material of a garment as well as retro reflective or the combined performance material should be examined and sanctioned by an autonomous ascribed third-party laboratory. The manufacturers of these clothes should ensure and certify the fact that the garments are made meeting the international standards of creation.

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