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User friendly watch phone mq009 a perfect christmas gift

  • By willson Fleaks
  • Published 06/9/2011
  • Fiction

You  may have kept wondering how to choose favorite gifts for your favorite  friends and relatives all the time since different people obviously have  different tastes and needs. Here I will recommend you a perfectly  elegant and user-friendly gift. The most amazing thing about it is that  you will find it suits different groups, even different genders. Let’s  see how great it is. Watch Phone MQ009 with Bluetooth For children& studentsStudents  definitely need a watch to keep time and ensure that they will never be  late at class. That’s one main reason why they should have this. To  children, this special watch and cell phone will certainly cheer them up  since there is hardly a chance for them to get such a cool present. The  more important thing is that it provides such functions as calendar,  memo, alarm clock and e-book, which are quite useful to both children  and students. For young peopleThis  type of mobile phone is designed with steel shell, with different  colors to choose: white, black and pink. So it is welcomed by both girls  and boys.

Girls— Girls  are much fonder of beauty than anyone else. They like filming  themselves from time to time. As a result, they have a high demand on  picture resolution. Fortunately, this watch contains an amazing camera  picture resolution of 320×240, which will surely satisfy these modern  girls. What’s more, this watch supports web c

amera and WAP service,  which will totally please young girls, especially 90s.Boys— Boys  have their own fancy, that is, music, big movies and all kinds of games  as well. That’s why they always look for mobile phones with large  memory. MQ009 supports T-Flash card of 1GB-4GB, which will of course  please the boys. Additionally, on one hand, the built-in MP3/MP4 player  in MQ009 will meet young guys’ desire to play music or movies. On the  other hand, Bluetooth of the phone allows the phone to communicate  wirelessly and also makes it easy to have a phone conversation while  driving. Isn’t that cool? For parentsThis  great mobile phone is also designed for middle-aged people, for  example, your parents. We all know that middle-aged people will never  have greater demands on a phone’s function than young people. Most of  them only need a watch to check time, a phone to keep in touch with  others. MQ009 can obviously satisfy them in quite a convenient way since  they don’t have to wear a watch and carry around a phone at the same time. And its easy-to-use and responsive touch screen will give them a great surprise! For the oldYou  may find your grandparents are always out of reach since they don’t  have any mean of communication. Nowadays more and more old people begin  to use mobile phones. MQ009 is also a perfect choice for them. FM radio  will make them more than happy! And this user-friendly communication  tool will never annoy them, unlike some phones with complex functions.



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