Using Article Checkers Such As Copyscape To Prevent Duplicate Content


Authored by Ted Goodman in Search Engine Marketing 
Published on 11-29-2008

In 1998, the US Congress passed The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This states that website with plagiarized content can be removed from the servers of website hosts once a copyright owner files complaints and proves that his original content was really copied.

Technically, the DMCA serves as a warning for every webmaster who attempts to duplicate content in the web. However, if you are new in the realm of web site creation and article marketing, how exactly can you ensure that your site will contain original content that hasn’t been posted elsewhere? If you are employing a ghostwriter, how can you be sure that what he has submitted to you hasn’t been published elsewhere? The perfect solution is an article checker.

If you just use search engines, your article search will be inefficient. If you key in a keyword for your research, the major search engines will just show you those sites that have page rankings. Moreover, you might neglect that site that appears last in the list of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). What if that site contains an entire paragraph or two that is exactly the same as what you intend to publish on your site? You will end up having duplicate content.

Whether or not you employ the services of a ghostwriter, an article checker will help you write original content and ultimately avoid committing plagiarism. In just a few clicks and data input, the article checker will compare your content with that of the other articles published online, including the sources that you have used. After the comparison, it will generate a percentage which will show you how similar your web content is to other online materials that are on the same niche.

Another good thing about an article checker is the fact that it also protects your web content from being plagiarized. It does not only check if your articles are original, it also allows you to determine if somebody has used your article and published it as their own.

Keep in mind that rewriting and rehashing articles are common practice in SEO and article marketing. As such, it is not unlikely that you run the risk of having your web content rewritten and presented as somebody else’s work. With the help of an article checker however, you can immediately track instances of plagiarism and you can file your DMCA complaint right away.

If you carefully utilized the services offered by an article checker and you are sure that you have made informative and original web content, you can definitely make the most of your hard work and achieve a top spot in the search engine rankings in no time.


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