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Using Article Directories For SEO

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 06/4/2009
  • Article Writing

A lot of Internet marketers, as well as webmasters utilize article directories as a means of generating links to their websites, which is commonly known as the site or off page optimization. This aids the search engine optimization efforts of these marketers and webmasters. Although technically the only place that links can be generated is via the authors bio box. The main issue that is important here is that if the article is of a high quality and well written, the article will be popular within the directory and therefore contain high ranking links to the site in question. Some article directories, no names mentioned here, are crawled very frequently by the search engines which in turn reflect those links to the mentioned website. The ranking of the article can then be duly promoted, almost as if it is an authority link which all goes towards the optimization of the website. Therefore the article directories, being free to use, offer not only a cheap mechanism but also a value added opportunity for the marketer and webmaster alike.

One of the primary focuses of optimization is to generate more traffic for the website and therefore increase the potential income that can be made from the website. The use of article directories can assist in the generation of traffic if the

article is relevant to the topic as well as being professionally written. The idea behind all written article is an attempt to get the reader to click through to the website in seeking additional information from the interest generated via the article. In addition to adding the articles to the article directories, and can consider using the same articles or slightly different ones on your blog or within your website, this has an effect of providing the crawlers with new content which in itself is an optimization technique. One should bear in mind that when submitting articles to the article directories that certain rules need to be followed and obviously adhered to. By following the editor’s rules and regulations of the article directories you will ensure that your article get accepted quickly without having to do any changes that may take additional time.

There the article directories represent a sort of for the website as well as the source of off page optimization can go a long way in developing the links that are pointing to your site and in fact had an extremely powerful ranking effect in terms of search engine results. The article directories can be accessed by writing your own articles or by securing the services of a good writer can continually submit articles on your behalf, if you do not have the time or the inclination of writing and submitting these articles yourself.



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