Using Bamboo for Survival in the Wild

When it comes to versatility, bamboo is perhaps the best fundamental material known to mankind. Using bamboo for survival in the wild is the easiest and most practical principle one can use in nature.

Bamboo is strong in all its forms. It is also very easily shaped. Using bamboo for survival in the wild can yield many great things. For starters, bamboo can be easily made into sturdy shelter. By combining several bamboo sprigs and tying them together by using stringed sections of more bamboo, you can make a solid rooftop or flooring to keep out unwanted and potentially dangerous animals.

Bamboo can also be easily made into weapons. The fibers of the bamboo are easily torn one way and can be sharpened quite simply by using the edge of a rock. Because bamboo is so strong it can also hold the sharp shape worked into it, and can be used to survive in the wild by becoming a spear. This bamboo spear can be used for hunting or self defense. One could also use bamboo for survival in the wild by making it into arrows.

Yet another use for bamboo for survival in the wild would be to make eating utensils as well as other everyday tools. By sharpening the side of a piece of bamboo one could fashion a pretty effective knife. The resilient nature of bamboo and its strength make it possible to shape in into anything one might need.

It has been speculated about for the last couple of years that the first people to populate China thousands of years ago used bamboo as their main materials for making everything from chopsticks to hunting tools to shelter. This has been the major hypothesis when it comes to the mysterious reason why those ancient civilizations have not left much archeological evidence behind.

Most undoubtedly, the first civilizations of humans out of Africa were in fact nomadic hunters and gatherers. It is believed some of the earliest human migrations out of Africa were to China. However, there is barely any evidence on how these nomads lived. While the ancient nomadic civilizations in Europe left behind evidence in the form of stone tools, weapons, and clay pots, in Asia there is nothing, even though it is known that there was human life there first. This is why the hypothesis suggests they used bamboo for survival in the wild. Since bamboo is biodegradable, any traces they might have left behind are all completely gone now.

Not only was using bamboo for survival convenient, it made their travels easier. Because bamboo is plentiful in most areas of Asia, these nomadic civilizations could hunt and eat wherever they wanted and didn’t have to carry all this equipment around, hence their life was less complicated and they could travel lighter!

Those ancient nomads are a prime example of how using bamboo for survival in the wild is perhaps one of the most convenient (and environmentally friendly!) ways to survive. If in this situation, keep in mind that this versatile natural wonder can aid you by becoming anything you need.


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