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Using JetSpinner and JetSubmitter for Article Marketing Success

  • By Thom Kingsley
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

The “Jet” family of article marketing programs is based on the following premise: Google’s duplicate content filter discounts the link value from all of your article directory submissions. Submitting a different version of your article to all of the article directories lets you circumvent this filter and thus get link value from all your submissions instead of just a few. JetSpinner is their free tool for creating article variations – up to 999. JetSubmitter has a fee and distributes a unique version of your article to hundreds of article directories. If you’re interested in trying out this service then this article will give you the quick tips you need for getting started using JetSpinner, which is a little trickier than you might think. 1) JetSpinner Articles Take Longer – Plan Extra Time Especially at First Creating multiple versions of a single article in the JetSpinner system requires you to provide each and every one of the alternate phrases, words, sentences and paragraphs that the program uses. Plus you have to learn their method for notating where and how each one of the word, phrase or paragraph substitutions occur. It’s not brain surgery, but it certainly takes longer – about twice as long as writing a single 750 word article. 2) A Look At The JetSpinner Syntax Let’s say I wanted to create multiple versions of the phrase “A Look At The JetSpinner Syntax.” First I’d take the word “Look” and think up some alternatives. How about “Peek.” So that JetSpinner can create multiple versions I’d write (bracket)Peek|Look(close bracket) and put that in place of the word “Look” in the headline above. Now when my article gets “spun” it will sometimes use the word “Look” and sometimes the word “Spun.” Some phrases or words are simple to do this with and others a bit more complex. This is the core of the process though and once you get it down it’s actually kind of fun. 3) Outline Your Article

As in any writing task it’s much faster to write if you have outlined your article. This is doubly important in your process for writing a JetSpinner article because you’ll start to see what are your most predominantly used w

ords and phrases. These are the ones you should consider creating “spin words” for. Further if you’ve done much keyword research you might know the terms you’re trying to rank for – and especially their synonyms. 4) Create Your “Spinning” Words And Phrases List Now that you’ve got your spin word groupings from the article outline it’s time to brainstorm some others to use. If you’re writing about the “rules” for your area of expertise then you should prepare a spin cluster like this: (bracket)truths|rules|habits|laws(close bracket). These are all relatively interchangeable when it comes to usage in the body of an article. 5) Write the Article and Include Your Spin Phrases Now that you’ve done your research just go ahead and write your article as quickly as you can. Once it’s written use your word processor’s find and replace function for all of your spin word or phrase clusters. Once you’ve added them all in then you should go through and make other changes to the text. As a general rule of thumb leave no sentence unchanged. 6) Use the Power of Spinning Your Resource Box If you’re article marketing then you’re trying to build links. Having a variation in your link text – that is, the text that actually contains the link to your site – is vital. One of the greatest powers of JetSpinner is that you can rotate your link text as much as you want. If you’ve done your keyword research and know the terms you’d like some links for then you should create “spinning” hyper links to your site using all of your favorite phrases. Be sure to include a non-linked written out url for the few article directories out there that don’t accept hyper links. Also – you can spin your article title too, another key place to use your targeted key phrases. 7) Tracking Your Article Distribution

I’m going to assume you choose to purchase the JetSubmitter program. It’s foolish not to as the Jet family is all about massive results for minimal work. If you’re taking the extra time to write articles using the spin syntax then you should take full advantage of the fact that the submission program submits unique variations to all the directories out there. To track this, consider putting a unique pairing of phrases in a non-spinning section of your article so that you can later search for them and see where your article appears online.



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