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Using PopUp Stands for an Attractive Exhibition Display

  • By Steven Hayes
  • Published 11/5/2012

Exhibitions have become a popular marketing strategy over the years. Exhibitions are used as a way to advertise products and services. This is, in fact, one of the most effective ways of making your product or services known. If you are thinking of hosting an exhibition, you would first need to know how to properly organise one.

The displays are the life of an exhibition and the success of the exhibition depends on how you display your products or services. You need to use the proper display tools and materials for exhibiting the products or services that you provide.

When it comes to exhibition displaytools, there is a huge variety out there that you can choose from. Different display stands are being used now-a-days for displaying products at exhibitions.

Pop-up stands, in particular, have gained massive popularity as an effective display tool. These types of display stands create an amazing backdrop for exhibition displays. They look professional and are an industry favourite.

The display stands help you create a seamless graphic wall almost instantly for promoting the graphics, logos and brands. There are different types of pop up stands available in the market today. Some of the customer favourites are:

  • Graphic pop-up stand
  • Modular pop-up stand
  • Fabric pop-up exhibition stand
  • Twist display stand
  • Pop-up stand accessories
  • Modular pop-up accessories
  • Twist stand accessories

Pop up stands consist of a lightweight frame that expands up for creating a skeleton frame. The frame helps keep the fabric panel or graphic in place. Once you have assembled the pop up stand with the bars in position, you are ready to hang the panels.

Generally the panels are printed in a way that makes them look like a seamless graphic display. Alternatively, the fabric panels can also be used for creating a carpeted wall and onto that you can have your printed material fixed by using Velcro. Since the panels are fixed to the back of the stands, they help create an all around full display.

Why should you choose pop up stands?

If you are thinking about what makes the pop up stands so popular or why you should choose these types of stands for your exhibition, you must look at the advantages of using one. The appeal of such display stands come from their portability, ease of setting up as well as value for money.

It takes only a few minutes to set them up and you can easily take them down for transporting. This way the transportation costs also become a lot less. Even if you are running short on space, these types of display stands can create seamless graphic displays that will effectively draw the attention of the customers. Such display items can also be customised to your specific needs.

You will different choices to choose from. For example, while some people choose the fabric pop-up stands, others prefer to use the graphic pop-up stands. You need to evaluate your needs and then plan what sort of display stands can meet those needs.

Author Bio: Steven Hayes is working in an advertising agency. He provides tips and suggestions for businesses regarding pop up stands and other creative display ideas.


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