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Using The Article Directory Correctly

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 11/30/2009
  • Article Writing

If you are an experienced article writer or submitter, you will also be aware of the rules and requirements that the article directory or directories impose upon such submissions. Why do they do this? First and foremost it is to ensure that they, the article directory owner and staff are providing value and quality to their visitors, as well as to the search engines that favor these websites. Without mentioning any specific names of an article directory, you will in no doubt have experienced certain issues with the submission of an article for publication, whether it be from a grammatical perspective or even from an overselling point of view. The key here is that you should understand that your role as a writer is to provide valuable information to the reader, which is done via the directory. Some of the directories may offer a premium service whereby your articles will be published a lot quicker than as a free member, and dependent upon your desired publication time will determine whether or not this is a viable option to consider. Another key deciding factor here is the potential ‘referrals’ that may come from the directory, a little known directory may not be worth the subscription cost, whereas the bigger ones can really add value to your marketing efforts.

There are also a number of different options, where the article directory has developed a different t

ype of business model, where people can submit their content for sale in terms of republication or syndication. Your decision regarding which type of directory to submit to would be determined by whether you intend making money with your content directly, via such sales, or if you wish for a wider distribution or readership. Many people choose to write articles for exposure and therefore opt for the free article directory, which allows for their articles to be republished wherever on the web, when republished these articles link back to the directory, as well as to the site which is being promoted in the article, which offers the value added benefit of back links. Therefore the benefits are twofold when submitting your articles to the directory in question, being that of exposure and ensuing traffic, as well as that of back links, a concept that is favored by the search engines. To this end you will want people to visit your site, and therefore you should provide them with a reason to, which is found in the content of the article, namely that of top quality and valid information that is imparted within the article.

This is possibly your one and only chance to connect with the reader, and by providing information that is valid, and helpful to the reader, which goes towards establishing you or your company’s credibility. By submitting constant quality articles to the article directory, you will increase in standing with the directory in question, with them quite often featuring your content too.



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