Using YouTube to Promote Your Business

The state of our economy has made earning money a bit harder these days, but for those willing to work hard, money can be found. If you are a small business looking to promote a product or service it may seem hard to bring in new customers, perhaps giving them a better visual is the way to go? YouTube exploded on to the scene in early 2005 and has been turning every day people in to “Web Celebs” since. With such a phenomenon at your fingertips wouldn’t it be wise to jump onboard? There are a few benefits to using YouTou for your business.

If it’s a service you are providing putting a friendly face up on the web may make people feel a bit more confident when calling upon you to come to their home. You may also be able to give a brief tidbit into what your service entails. If you are a Personal Trainer you may post a brief workout, if you are Chef, you can even demo a recipe or if you are a carpenter explain and post pictures about past jobs. Before even speaking to the potential client you will have struck a cord.

If it is a product that you are seeking to sell YouTube is a great way to show off that product. The customer will see the item in a new dimension and not just a photo. For instance if you are a jeweler just think how much more pop your item will have and catch the customer’s eye. As with promoting your service you will able to show the customer a piece of yourself, allowing them to feel more comfortable calling on you for assistance.

You Tube is a website that is viewed by many people each day. Promoting your product or service through this site is a great way to reach more potential customers. Many will advertise in the newspaper, but the ad may only be viewed by people in a select zone or those who get the paper during the week may not have the time to read it from cover to cover, thus missing a lot including your ad. In just a short video a person can learn a lot about you and your service or product.

It is very easy to get your product or service posted on YouTube all you need to do is get yourself a digital camcorder and set up an account. Once you have an account you can upload you advertisement and post it for free and have tons of people viewing your service or product on a daily basis. Also YouTube can be quite informative and help you strengthen your business with tutorial videos. Many business owners have brief videos describing what it takes to be a success at a certain craft.

YouTube is a free service and is viewed by so many individuals it would be a shame to miss out on the growing experience.


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