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Utilising Different Displays to Showcase Your Business in an Exhibition

Participating in exhibitions is often necessary for a business for a number of reasons, such as launching products, announcing promotions, surveying sales, and so on. Whatever the objective of your participation in the exhibition, it is necessary that you use the right signs and displays to achieve it.

Different displays are suitable for different purposes. You need to keep this in mind before you choose a particular type of display. What are the choices available? How do you make the right choice? Here are a few hints for help.

Large or small, straight or curved – The size of the display is a major factor affecting visibility. While a large banner may be appropriate to direct traffic to your stand at the exhibition, it will not be suitable inside the stand. For this, you need to small display cases or light boxes.

Feather flags directing traffic to the stand, curved pop up stands creating the background of the stand and sophisticated light boxes conveying your message are the right elements for designing the perfect exhibition display.

Fixed or removable – If you frequently participate in different exhibitions, opting for removable display units may be a good idea. On the other hand, if you want the display to be at a particular location for its entire life, e.g., a sign directing people to your store location, you may choose fixed displays.  

The weight and portability of the displays matter most in this regard. If you need to move the display stands from one location to another frequently, it is necessary that you opt for lightweight and portable units.

Permanent or changeable graphics

– If you want a display to direct traffic to your retail store, a product with permanent graphics may be suitable. However, if you participate in different events and exhibitions and need to convey different messages, products with changeable graphics will be necessary.

Opt for displays where you can change the graphics with ease if you participate in exhibitions frequently. This will help you achieve your objective, whatever it is, without the necessity to invest in new displays.

Ready-to-assemble or assembled – When time is short, it is better to opt for assembled display units for the exhibition. This will ensure that no time is wasted on the assembling of the stand. Kits of display units are available for businesses that plan to participate in such events.

However, if you have completed your planning, you may opt for a ready-to-assemble display for exhibition. Look for a unit that requires minimal time and effort for assembling and disassembling.

Standard or customised – If you have to work within a strict budget, it may be suitable to opt for standard displays available from the right stores. However, if money is not a concern, personalising the exhibition display will ensure that you achieve your objective for participating in this exhibition with ease and effectiveness.

Different signs and display services offer products that you may customise as per your requirements. You may use the references you gather from business contacts, print advertisements or online resources for this purpose.

Author Bio:Stephan Faris is working in an advertising agency. He provides guidance about choosing the appropriate products to create an interesting display for exhibition.


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