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UV Security Permanent Marker


The Centropen UV Permanent Marker

When I saw this Centropen UV Permanent Marker on JetPens, it was almost as if I had no willpower to resist adding it to my cart.  Anything that involves glowing lights, secret messages, and/or being able to prove that someone stole your stuff is a no-brainer, especially at the sub $3 level.

For the price of this pen and mini-flashlight you really can’t go wrong if you want a simple way to mark your personal belongings, leave secret messages, or even write down your passwords so nobody can see them.  The pen itself is very comfortable to write with, it has a grip with flat sides, similar to a Lamy Safari, and is easy to write with using its white felt tip.  I was expecting there to be some significant odor with the ink in this pen, however I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there was almost no scent.


A Blackberry After Using UV Security Permanent Marker, and in Regular Light

So using the pen only presented one challenge, which is not having the ability to see what you are writing as you go along, however this is not a terribly difficult challenge to overcome.  Simply concentrating a bit more, and not taking your eyes off of what you were writing helps to keep your letters and words aligned.  The above photo shows the back of my Blackberry after I wrote my name on it with the UV Permanent Marker.  Using it in this way is a good way to mark some of your personal electronic devices without any visual markings.


Blackberry after UV Security Permanent Marker and Under UV Light

Here you can see the mini UV flashlight (black shadow in the lower left corner) shining the UV light on the back of my Blackberry where I have written my name.  Pretty quick, simple, and effective way of marking your personal belongings I’d say.  Again, at this price point, you really cant beat it.   This UV Permanent Marker is similar to the Noodler’s Blue Ghost Fountain Pen Ink that I’ve reviewed before, but much more convenient and easy to use.

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