Vacation Guide to Washington’s Mount Rainier State Park

Situated high in the mountains of the state of Washington, Mount Rainier and the state park that surrounds it, provides travelers a glimpse of what true nature is really like. Of course, the park provides adventurous travelers, like you, activities such as skydiving, rock climbing, snow and ice skiing and many other activities to satisfy your adventurous desires.

Also, there is lodging, such as resorts, for you to stay at while you are at Mount Rainier State Park, so if this is you, then come on down and see the wonders that this park has to offer. We will first begin with some of the activities available at this park.


If you want to do a little skydiving, while at Rainier, a company called Kapowsin Air Sports, provides the primary skydiving services in the park. Yes, imagine you going high up in the air, leaping from a plane and soaring through the sky, while pints of blood are rushing to your head! If this is does not give you a ton of adrenaline, then this is the wrong sport for you!

Rock Climbing

Mount Rainier State Park provides its visitors with two sources for outline guide. One is the Mount Rainier Alpine Guides Services, which serves you with guides to take you through the rocky, steep hills of Mount Rainier. The other rock climbing service, the Rainier Mountaineering Service, can, also, serve as your guide through the treacherous mountains of Mount Rainier.

Auto Racing

Want some high octane excitement? Get it through the International Race Drivers Club, which provides race car driving lessons and riving sessions to those who seek it. Imagine cruising through the raceway, at over 160 miles an hour, and getting the experience that pro race car driver’s experience.

If you are looking for a place to eat, try the following places:

Crystal Mountain

The Crystal Mountain restaurant should be your destination, if you and those who you are with, are looking for a good time in a romantic setting. Yes, imagine indulging in some of the restaurant’s fine foods and drinks, while relaxing and having a good time with your friends.

Elbe Pizza Place

The Elbe Pizza Place is where you can indulge in a variety of some of the eating place’s fine tasting pizzas and beverages – all in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Sun’s Teriyaki

Wanting to indulge in some fine, authentic Japanese food? Sun’s Teriyaki restaurant is the place to be and to mingle with some fine folks. Yes, you have an array of authentic Japanese foods and wines for you to satisfy your taste buds. Simply put, good wine and good food!

Need a place to lay your head down on those summer or winter nights? The Mount Rainier State Park has plenty of places for you to stay in:

White Pass Lodges

The White Pass Lodges is a great place to stay, while staying in the park, during the winter and summer. The lodges are located near the White Ski Pass area, giving you easy access to the park’s skiing services. Imagine cozying up to a warm fire, wrapped around in a blanket, drinking a cup of hot chocolate, after a long day of skiing and other activities.

Paradise Inn

Want a taste of ‘paradise’? The Paradise Inn, located near the park, is a hotel that has 117 rooms and an onsite lounge and restaurant. Yes, you can enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, in a ‘tropical’ environment which is calm and relaxing to most that experience it.

Well, our tour of the Mount Rainier State Park is now over, but there are many other things to do and see at this beautiful state park. So, why wait and see, now, Mount Rainier and the park that surrounds it in all its glory.


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