Vacuums with Best Suction


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Cleaning
Published on 01-14-2009

When shopping for a vacuum, you want a product that has excellent suction. It is frustrating to have a vacuum that does not have a powerful enough suction to keep your floors clean. Handheld vacuums are now better than they have ever been. They provide excellent suction for those times when you need to quickly clean up a food spill or spot clean. Uprights and canister vacuums are the most commonly used forms of vacuum cleaners for everyday cleaning.

In most cases upright vacuums do provide stronger suction than that of canister vacuums. The motor is closer to the suctioning mouth of an upright providing more power to suction up dirt and debris. If you are vacuuming in an area where you need to adjust the suctioning power, a canister vacuum provides the better choice. You are usually able to adjust the suction on canisters which is not something you can do on most uprights.

There are dozens of models of upright vacuum cleaner providing excellent suction. The vacuums that offer the most powerful suction are usually those with dual cyclonic technology. Any dirt and debris entering the vacuum cleaner, is removed from the air and dirt container or bag so that it does not block the air filter. Suction is excellent because the airflow is never obstructed by any dirt or objects.

When reading the list of features for a vacuum, scan the list for a dirt sensor accessory. Not all uprights will have this added benefit. A vacuum with a dirt sensor will increase or decrease suction depending upon the amount of dirt on the floor being vacuumed. This is a helpful feature because you will get the best suction on the dirtiest floors but a milder suction on floors that need gentle care.

Bissell Dual Cyclonic Upright vacuums (For example the Bissell 3950 Velocity) consistently receive positive customer reviews in terms of suction. They are affordable with pricing as low as $150. Hoover TurboPower Wind Tunnel uprights are another option from a trusted company. These vacuums provide a high suction, affordably priced uprights starting as low as $130. Hoover also offers a canister WindTunnel vacuum for as little as $199. People interested in a slightly more expensive upright system can opt for Dyson Bagless Cyclonic models which are often priced from $250 or $300.

You can find higher end vacuums with powerful and constant suction. There are vacuums for several hundred dollars or even over $1000. Fortunately, models such as those listed above will provide the necessary level of suction for most residential cleaning. You should not need to spend big dollars in order to have a reliable vacuum cleaner.

If you have a high budget for a vacuum, you can consider a central vacuuming system. The motor and suction mechanism will be located in one area of your house. You will connect into the system with just a house and vacuuming mouth in each individual room. Central vacuums offer excellent suction since the motor can be much larger in a central location.

The best suction vacuum will depend on the type of vacuum you need. You can buy economy priced models or luxury vacuums with many extra features and accessories. Your budget will likely have a big impact on the vacuum you select.


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